Senator Hirono’s (D-HI) Question to Barrett Killed the Biden Presidential Campaign

The Question That Slammed 1,000,000 Doors

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When Senator Kamala Harris was not present for the first day of questioning in the Judge Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) hearing, many people assumed it was because she wanted to campaign and could ask questions digitally (which seems to be working quite well, by the way). However, in a day where Democrats attacked the president more than asking Judge Barrett questions, there was one shining moment of idiocy that may have brought down the Harris/Biden campaign.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has never been one of the stalwart learned minds on the United States Senate. She is often relegated to the blooper reel with Rep. Waters, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Wilson. However, most of the time, Hirono’s questions and comments are less relevant than the three liberal votes from Hawaii that come in at 2am. (Not suggesting that the votes in Hawaii are irrelevant, just that we need to allow them to do their election a day early so results come in before the race is decided.)

Hirono’s Perjury Trap

Tuesday was different, though. The senator from Hawaii’s comments were so beyond the pale that it was shocking to the consciousness of the country. Her first question was simply whether Barrett had committed sexual assault since she was an adult. Now, we know that this was a perjury trap; in Hirono’s limited understanding of the law, one can suppose that she thinks this is “clever,” but after asking nearly every candidate in the last two years this question, she is not going to catch anyone off guard.

The real monster question was whether ACB had requested or granted any sexual favors during the course of her career (or from her position of power). Male candidates have been asked this question several times, but with ACB there was a different connotation.

The Result of This Line of Questioning

I can only imagine the junior senator from California punching her screen repeatedly when Hirono chose this line of questioning. For years, Kamala Harris’ alleged affair with Willie Brown was a media taboo that only “fringe” groups could talk about. Asking a woman about her sexuality was tantamount to saying that women had no place on the bench or in the legislature. Meanwhile the Democrat media industrial complex attacked Sarah Palin, Melania Trump, Christine McLaughlin, and other conservatives as bimbos, sluts or whores (all names used to attack conservative women).

When approached for a quote, McLaughlin – who holds advanced degrees in law – noted that she was the subject of harassment and over-sexualization. She said, “Most of the abuse came from Democrats on social media. The Democrat Party only lifts women up as an example. I had the nerve to disagree with them and support patriotic values. They tried to knock me down again and again.”

The double standard was that if you attacked someone – even someone like Katie Hill – for sexual impropriety, then you were somehow a sexist bigot. That wall came down this week with Hirono’s idiotic question. We all knew the answer before it was asked and we all knew the repercussions it would have. The question is “Why did she ask it?”

Suburban Women

The Democrat Party is having a severe problem with the Obama Coalition. Black voters are walking away in droves because of racism attributed to the Harris/Biden campaign. Joe Biden is on record saying things such as “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids,” and that he did not want schools turned into “jungles” by integrating black students into them. As for Harris, the black community seems to have a distrust because of her record as a prosecutor and laughing about putting away people for minor offenses.

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Hispanics are also abandoning the Democrat Party, many because they are realizing the Democrat Party cares more about illegal immigrants than struggling Hispanic American families across the country. Joe Biden’s pandering drove even more away as he played a song (an act many saw as racist) at a campaign rally for Latino voters.

The block that Hirono damaged most was the women’s vote, mainly the suburban women. The Democrats had a lock on sexual attacks against Republicans until Hirono opened the door to asking about Harris’ past. Now, Republicans can look at how she allegedly used sexual favors to secure positions early in her career.

Hirono has never been considered a sage of the senate, but her soundbites, while laughable, were never really harmful to the Party. Now, thousands of married women (and men) can take a detailed look at how Kamala Harris allegedly ruined a marriage to further her career. With many Democrats still attacking Trump for his divorces (even though his wives and girlfriends have said he was always kind to them even after splitting up), with mere weeks left until the election, Hirono has turned the magnifying glass on the Democrats. With Hunter Biden and Harris (along with the guy in North Carolina), this is not a record that Democrats want compared.

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