Yelp: The New Snitch Site

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If you know anything about Yelp, you’ll know that they are a site that specializes in user-based reviews of restaurants and services.  If you go to a food place, you can take photos, post your review of the food, and even leave a comment on the decor.  It’s the newest trend that’s happening and more and more people are signing up to be a part of the Yelp community.  They even have a program where someone can nominate you to be part of their Yelp Elite which is another tier where these people leave reviews and built up quite the portfolio giving them that elite status and as a Yelp elite, you’re invited to Yelp events and hangouts at various spots in your respective city.  Yet since the onset of the nonsense that happened with the riots, more and more companies are adopting the trend of buying into the Black Lives Matter movement.  Yelp followed closely but decided to add quite a dastardly twist to what they will allow users to do and it’s not a good one.

Corporate Wokeness

With whatever happened in every single mainstream media coverage of the various people that were shot and killed, they were all black and it gave the race baiting liberal Leftists all the fodder they needed to create a narrative.  Namely, that America is systemically racist and every single system needs to be torn down so Black Lives Matter can do what they do best, dismantle America essentially.  What better way to capitalize on the destruction of capitalism by supporting and donating and that’s what may corporations have done.  Putting the “black power” fist in their logo or making sure that they say in their corporate mission that they value diversity and want to fight the tide of racism in America and will do all they can with whatever they have to fight such a horrendous system.  Nike, Twitter, Target, Pinterest, Facebook, Apple, and now add Yelp to the foray and it’s all over as corporations decide to get woke.  The thing with Yelp is it now directly affects a business’ reputation.

This Won’t Help Yelp

In a recent blog, the user based restaurant goods and service review site decided to announce their moral virtue by standing against racism.  So to help everyone know that racism is bad, Yelp will allow reviewers to mark which has racist tendencies and promotes these bad ideas.  You can read their blog entry regarding this new addition to Yelp reviews here.  Here’s how this works according to Yelp.  You walk into a restaurant, you interact with the staff and/or the manager and/or the owner of the establishment.  She says something that’s mildly stereotyping and could be considered racist depending on the interpretation of what she said.  If you found said comment racist, you can review the restaurant and then give it the Yelp badge of caution.  Meaning, if you tagged this restaurant to be investigated for racism, Yelp will look into it and if they can confirm it is a racist establishment, they’ll let people know it is via this badge.  It’s basically going to be a snitchfest on which business is racist.  Then we all know what will happen.  The business goes under because it loses clientele and the problem with Yelp’s system is that there’s no real way to vet the accusations.  They claim they will need to investigate and will only take first hand accounts and not reviews and complaints based off of what the media says about the place.  Again, the question is how will Yelp do this?  What grounds will they investigate the claims?  What stipulation will they meet to let a review pass this new standard?  In fact, Andy Ngo stated this would be a bad idea.  We will now watch the abuse pile up as all it takes is for one overtly sensitive self-entitled black person to talk into a place, not get the service she or he wants, yell and scream and kick around all the while shouting “racism” and then leave a Yelp review and they confirm it somehow.  Then that business gets that badge, and ultimately the business tanks all because of a disingenuous review from a patron.  And there will be hell to pay if this continues mainstream which, in some way, already has hit critical mass.

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