Kamala Harris: Her Condescension Knows No Bounds

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I approached the Vice Presidential debate last night with one question: “What is Kamala Harris like?” I’d conveniently missed the primary debates so my impression of the woman was basically unformed.

Unformed but not unbiased. No one is unbiased as the tenor of moderator Susan Page’s questions clearly showed.

I’ve heard the usual tittle-tattle about Harris’s personal life, but being a MAGA conservative, I’m focused on the issues, not personalities. I already know what Kamala stands for, or rather doesn’t stand for, protection of the unborn coming to mind.

Still, being an inveterate people watcher, I wanted to know how Harris would come off during the Vice Presidential debate against one of the most active, visible and loudly Christian Vice Presidents in recent memory. I know Donald Trump ain’t no gentleman, thank God, because he took names and kicked Joe’s tail in the last debate.

How would Harris relate to Mike Pence?

Predictably, the debate began with that beaten-to-death topic of coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. As usual, the questions were obviously slanted against the current administration, touching on the 25th Amendment (transfer of power) with Harris’s talking point being “dead bodies.” We get it, Kamala, you’re plenty graphic. These are our family members you’re talking about. Referring to them as “dead bodies” did you no favors.

Harris’s answers were stock Democrat. Beating the same drum the Democrats have beaten since the days of Will Rogers. Republicans are just for the wealthy. Republicans deny science. Answers so pat, so unimaginative, so predictable that I caught myself zoning out when Harris spoke. I’ve heard Democrats say the same things for forty years. Their claims are no more true now than they were in 1984!

But my ears perked up when Harris again referred to herself as “black” while, according to Reuters, “the press, as well as Kamala Harris herself, have continually described her racial identity as black, South Asian, Indian-American, African-American, and Jamaican-American.” Personally, I wish she’d be consistent. It feels, in my opinion, that she selects her race depending on each situation.

Of course, the issue of President Trump’s taxes rapidly followed coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. When Kamala brought up the debt that any businessman carries, including Trump, she looked into the camera to clarify for the apparently stupid American public by saying that  “debt” means “you owe money to somebody.”

Thank you for that, Kamala. We had no idea.

Yes, my fellow Americans, Kamala Harris does think you’re an idiot.

In fact, throughout the entire debate I found Kamala to embody condescension. Now, as a quiet person, I’ve been condescended to a lot in my life, usually by women on power trips who later showed themselves to be inept. So I’m something of a self-taught expert on condescension and Harris’s condescension was, in my opinion, vile. It did her no favors as a woman or as a politician.

But she could be funny too, perhaps inadvertently. When she said Joe is “honest and forthright,” I chuckled. He certainly is forthright about his racism and his more-than-creepy interest in the little children he fondles on camera.

Honesty is to not need a teleprompter because you speak from the heart. Trump needs no teleprompters because he is honest. Biden can’t do an interview without one.

Now, no one was more grateful for the increased civility during this debate than I was. But it’s a debate, for Pete’s sake! Some talking over, some spirited back-and-forth is as true to debate as it is to the American spirit. We don’t want it too sanitized.

But when Mike Pence dared to call Harris out for not telling the truth immediately after she claimed the debate was about truth, she again showed her condescension by speaking down to the Vice President of the United States.

Biden told the President of the United States to “shut up.” Harris raised her eyebrows, talked down to and treated VP Pence like a naughty child.

As my husband said, “If the Democratic ticket treats the Executive Branch with such condescension, imagine how they’ll treat the middle class.”

Their condescension knows no end. They tout long-debunked myths about Trump’s supposed disrespect to our men and women in uniform, again insulting our intelligence and quite ignoring Biden calling them “stupid bastards.” But condescension is also flip-flopping on the issues as if we won’t notice: “They were for the Green New Deal, before they were against it, before they were for it!”

Well, which is it?!

I couldn’t believe it when Harris said, “Y’know what a bounty is?” and then defined it for us. Um, we know what a bounty is just as we know what debt is. We’re not stupid, Kamala.

Heavy sigh.

On the topic of packing the Supreme Court, she condescended to Pence’s summation of the history with a sarcastic coo of, “I’m so glad we went through that history lesson,” and when Pence pressed her to actually answer the question, she again talked down to VP Pence. The bright smile. The raised eyebrows. The nodding. She was obviously on a power trip and it reflected badly on Kamala Harris, not on Mike Pence, ever the gentleman.

There’s much talk about toxic masculinity. I feel we just witnessed toxic feminism.

Later she snapped, “I will not sit here and be lectured.” Actually, she said it twice. 

It seems there are two standards on that stage. She lectured Pence but he is not free to share the details of Harris’s voting record. He wasn’t lecturing. She did…repeatedly.

From only a personality perspective, Mike Pence comported himself calmly, intelligently and as the gentleman he is. It’s nice to see a Christian with the strength of character and courage of VP Pence. He’s a rare combination of niceness and strength, a model for us all.

Kamala was a worthy opponent and debater but her attitude did her no favors. Condescension looks good on no one and yes, my fellow Americans, Kamala demonstrated repeatedly that  she does think you’re an idiot.

How does it feel?

Lenora Thompson
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