2020 Vice Presidential Debate Recap

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Debates are like dances.  There is a push and a pull, a give and a take, a call and a response between each movement and between each player.  Unfortunately, in our day and age, it seems to be less of a dance, and more of a cage fight.  Some have more decorum than others but more or less, in terms of Team Trump and everyone else, it was a brawl and with the Vice Presidential debates that happened Wednesday night, the brawl was a one sided fight and it appears that Vice President Mike Pence came out on top.

Moderating Fail

CNN’s Jake Tapper stated that there was a lot of dodging of questions but he harped on Vice President (VP) Pence more than he did VP incumbent Kamala Harris but it seems as though everyone was watching the same thing but Tapper seemed like he pulled a hamstring with that kind of mental gymanstics.  The night went on with USA Today’s Susan Page who served as the moderator and while she wasn’t as ridiculous as Fox’s Chris Wallace, you could see her bias indefinitely.  There were nine questions posed to each candidate and it ran the gamut from the coronavirus to international relations to climate change to racism and Breonna Taylor to even records and each candidate had their time and then some.  One thing was certain, any dodging that occurred was on the part of Harris indefinitely.  A highlight that the American people need to understand isn’t just the bias of the entertainment media industrial complex, but the lack of accountability and Page lacked any accountability throughout the night.  Harris managed to skate by with no pushback on top of lying to the face of the public with almost every verifiably disproven talking point about President Trump.  Page let her and that’s the crazy part about it this moderator, the lack of accountability in actually moderating.  Allowing libels and lies to spew from Senator Harris while not really allowing the VP to finish his points to where he had to double back in a continuing response.

Short and Sweet Is the Game

The winner here is definitely Mike Pence.  He brought facts, numbers, records, and data which is where the Democrats tend to fail and we saw that.  Pence wants you to fact check him apart from the “independent fact-checkers” over a Facebook would let you believe.  Pence called for the American people to find the data he issued forward on not just the President’s record but also his opponents record.  The only drawback to the Vice President is that in his stately decorum, he is long winded and that was his fatal flaw which lead to much time wasted in his responses.  Granted his response were laser focused and calculated, it took too long for the VP to nail his points and this was where many would argue Pence playing the dodging game.

Real Talking Points Matter

Talking points are one in a million but when they hit, one either answers the question or dance around it.  Pence brought it clear cut and forward as he brought forth his opponents support for the Green New Deal which she claims to deny, yet it is on the Biden website (if they haven’t taken it down).  One thing that surprised many who saw was Kamala Harris never answer the question the VP asked directly to her three times which is, “Will you stack the courts?”  The fact that she didn’t answer the question but went straight to gender and race proves she dodged the question, and the sad part here is Susan Page did not hold Harris’ feet to the fire and push her to answer the question.  Almost every single point Harris even posed to the people can be proven verifiably false from accusing Trump of not denouncing “white supremacy” which he did over 20 times.  Denying the support of the Green New Deal when you can see, it’s part of the crucial framework for the Biden Climate Change vision he has.  She denied that Biden would raise taxes when Biden himself said he would.  All in all, Kamala Harris was not a very keen representation of how a Vice President should be between all her rhetoric about believing the science but not listing any scientific data, not answering questions posed directly to her but playing identity politics which many Americans are seeing past, accusing the current administration with talking points that have been debunked numerous times through and through and still attempted to weasel on the emotions of people when more people are actually sick and tired of the riots, looting, criminal behavior and then giving it a pass because, “racism”.  Pence brought home the win with this one as he continued to speak well of the people and spoke directly to the people even when addressing the senator and it was the talking point of Pence, though long winded and slow to start, drove the victory on this debate.

A takeaway to look for in the ensuing days is the media biased tactic between each debater from the moderator. If the moderator is asking specific poignant questions to one candidate with no push back and allowing a broad answer or in the case of Kamala Harris, no answer, you know where the bias lies. Conversely, if the mod decides to ask a very broad question but in so doing demand a specific answer, again, you know where the bias lies and that is something we all will have to be keen on in the next debate and in turn as the Democrats are all pushing for us to do, we will have to vote. And vote we shall!

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