US Forces Take Out More Terrorists

Precision Air Strikes in Somalia

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The US military has successfully completed it’s latest air strike against terrorists. This time it was aimed at Al-Shabaab. From American Military News: “U.S. Africa Command conducted another precision airstrike in Somalia on Monday and successfully killed one Al-Shabaab terrorist. The airstrike took place in Jilib, Somalia, and did not result in any troops or civilians injured, according to an AFRICOM statement.”

This strike was completed one day after the killing of three Al-Shabaab terrorists based in Dujuuma, Somalia , that strike destroying their compound as well. This occurred on the same day US forces conducted an airstrike on a compound in Saakow, Somalia, which resulted in two fatalities and one wounded. That airstrike destroyed that compound also.

U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Miguel Castellanos, U.S. Africa Command deputy director of operations, had this to say about the raids: “Our persistent actions against al-Shabaab ensures constant and continued pressure on this malign network. Our collective efforts help enhance security in the region and put al-Shabaab on notice, making both Somalia and the U.S. safer in the process. ”

“Al-Shabaab kills regularly and indiscriminately,” Brig. Gen. Castellanos adds. “This al-Qaida affiliate exploits innocent Somalis, displaces families, and imposes illegal taxes through force and violence. They want to export their vision of destruction more widely. It is our collective international efforts and persistent pressure that prevents this from occurring.”

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