Nadler Doesn’t Know What “Myth” Means

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What is absolutely incredulous to the point of stunned and flabbergasted disposition is how little the Democrats are self-aware of what it is that they are saying, especially in the day and age of the Internet.  If it isn’t self-immolating their dignity for the cause of Black Lives Matter by looking like Wakanda chess pieces to the sheer amount of stupid that erupts from some of their mouths presents for us regular folks a vibrant case study on why anything left of Sean Hannity is on the verge of a mental disorder.  But rather than roast some of these politicians, they didn’t get to their positions of power by being stupid so we do need to credit them for being evil geniuses for being in power as long as they have and yet, to hear some of them talk from both sides of their mouths is both entertaining and creepy.  It’s as if cognitive dissonance is simply not a thing for these folks as they continue to allow American cities to burn from all of these riots.

“You’re on Candid Camera” Fleccas Style

If by now you don’t know who Fleccas of the Youtube channel FleccasTalks is, you’ve been living under a rock and might need to relocate.  Fleccas has been an on the ground reporter with a hint of exposing left wing thinking on his channel.  Known for using a wooden stirring spoon tied to a mic, he would ask basic questions and simply reveal the clown talk that comes out of the very people he interviews.  The thing with Fleccas is he uses reason and the basic journalistic questions of “Who?” “What?” “Where?” “When?” and “Why?” and people cannot answer anything he simply presents or if they do state a response, they tend to look pretty ignorant or massively dumb and it goes out to over 400,000 of his subscribers, and then millions to whoever sees and shares his videos.  The content is great and the people he interviews on the street tend to look pretty stupid when all is said and done.  So what happens when a pudgy, bearded, kitchen spoon mic equipped, jovial journalist meets head on with a Congressman who looks as though he’s sucked every carbohydrate the Five Boroughs has to offer, into his duodenum?

But How Does One Define a “Myth?”

As much as one can trust the Merriam-Webster website, a “myth” according to them is a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon.  What this means is that a myth is a story rooted out of a real life example used to explain the world view of a people or attempt to explain certain norms or natural occurrences like weather or creation.  Such examples can be Greek myths which use anthropomorphized humanoids known as gods and goddesses to explain various issues like war, love, thunder, lust, and even narcissism.  The idea is that it is so ridiculously other than that it’s been given the status of myth.  Thor from Norse myths (and the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is the reason for thunder and lightning.  Yet, Jerry Nadler, the very one who looks like he sucked down every starchy carb in Brooklyn down his gullet made the claim that the violence caused by ANTIFA in Portland is a “myth.”  If only we were making up myths ourselves, but alas dear reader, this fable is in fact a true tale as you can see this admission here.  And yet, the violence from ANTIFA is not a myth at all but a stark reality and it is clear that the Democrats, like Jerry Nadler are wallowing in the filth they have allowed to propagate in the very cities from the districts they represent and continue to fail. 

It’s clear that Democrat run cities are failing as are Democrat run states much like Oregon, New York, California, Minnesota, and Michigan just to name a few with cities like L.A., Minneapolis, New York City, Detroit, and Portland.  Should come to no surprise that big names like Joe Rogan and Tesla have hit the eject button on California which means the jobs are gone and the draw is also gone.  If Democrats continue to run their respective states the way they have, it’ll be quite clear that the “California love” or New York being the place where “if you can make there, you can make it anywhere” will be the new myth if the riots continue along with Democrat policies.

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