General Flynn OpEd: “It’s Time for Action”

General Flynn’s Message to America

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America is without a doubt a country with ties to the Judeo-Christian ideological positions.  It is the perfect marriage of the morality of Jerusalem with the philosophy of Athens.  All of this means that we adhere to principles set forth by British Common Law and perfected via the Constitution.  This means that in the realm of political play, it is by far the greatest document ever as it is the mooring point of both freedom, liberty, government, and above all, posits itself as a statement to the testament that all men, everywhere are created equal and thus worthy of value and granted the recognized right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That is the hinge point of this nation that everyone has that right under God.  It’s been believed and thus actions to bring that belief into fruition has been what made America such a beacon of hope and success and a pie everyone can bite into!  Yet through it all, we have been under attack from enemies within and as the Emancipator himself said, “A house divided cannot stand…” taking into account words of the Christian Bible.  

Because of this belief, I have written numerous reminders that it’s going to take us literally using our feet and doing the work needed.  Why we, as freedom loving, God fearing Americans need to step up and be intolerantly radical against the Far Left.  I have published articles that hopefully are keeping us accountable to the values we ascribe to.  The reason is because the fighting has not stopped.  They came for a duly elected President with numerous attempts to invalidate the choice of the American people.  They slandered him with a fake dossier, they impeached him and it failed, they call him all sorts of names, then went after key people such as his family and friends like General Flynn and Roger Stone.

A Call To Action

In an op-ed piece, General Michael Flynn calls the American people to once again remember.  Remember the freedom that was fought for.  Remember that we are rooted as people under God with liberty and justice for all.  Remember that we hold values such as freedom, faith, family, and fun to the highest regard.  It’s the reason why we cling dearly to our Amendments.  It’s the reason why so many identify as Christian and live in ways such as going to church and praying in schools.  It’s also the reason why Christians in America fight for the unborn and work to solve the foster care crisis.  It’s why Americans are the most benevolent, most generous, most giving in every aspect from food donations to monetary donations.  All because of the roots of the simply philosophy of E Pluribus Unum, from out of many, one.  Unity in Constitutional values.  Why did Flynn write this piece?  The reason is quite simple.  America’s enemy, Communism decided to sic its little annoying brother, Socialism into our view.  Marxism is becoming more embraced by ignorant entitled brats who are now marching in the streets and ruining lives because they didn’t get the hug from mommy.  General Flynn recognizes the evil and pleads with us to fight.  It’s going to take more than just prayer.  It’s going to take prayerful action.  Flynn is calling us to pray while we fight.  Pray while we vote.  Pray while we converse.  Prayer needs to be the catalyst that spurs us into action.  If you’re not the believing type, the meditate while you drive to the polls.  One way or another, we need to be people who look at the inactive or the nihilistic ones and say with James, Jesus’ half brother, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my work.”  Flynn is telling us to be people who have the works to back their faith up.  The time for standing still is over.  It’s time to rise up and answer General Flynn’s call.  

Follow the Leader: Let’s Get Loud!

Just with President Trump who said, “It’s time to get loud.” will mean something radical needs to happen.  We need to drop the meager demeanor and be the in your face type of people who love freedom above everything else.  Our President is more radical as he doesn’t care about what others necessarily think of him.  He’ll insult China about as much as he’ll shake Xi’s hands in diplomacy.  He’ll demean journalists all day while holding up a black little girl in their face as they label him “racist.”  If we have an American President who can radically stand up and take the nonsense from the likes of Don Lemon or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and meet their garbage clown talk head on, the least we can do is march to the polls no matter the executive orders in play.  Most of all, we owe it to ourselves to get up off our knees from praying and start putting some flesh to the faith we ascribe to attest to.  If we believe it, then we need to work to see it be a reality.  If we believe that freedom over safety is important, then this bat bug is worth having a few coughs and some body aches for if it means demolishing the evil that exists.  Overdose on Vitamin C and D and go be a rebel.  That’s what Trump is doing and that’s what General Flynn is calling for!

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