Sleeping On It

Sleeping on a big decision, such as buying a car or house, is more likely to produce a result with which people remain happy than consciously weighing up the pros and cons of the problem, based on the findings of Ap Dijksterhuis, Ph.D at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in his classic article, ‘Sleeping on it.’.

2021 Christmas Retail Rankings: From Bass Pro to Apple

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Americans will spend over $800 on gifts for friends, family, and the poor this Christmas. Most of that spending will happen with retailers like Amazon (1.62), Barnes & Noble (2.80), and Lego (3.05) – companies which range from moderately conservative to distinctly liberal.  We don’t...

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Vax to Work! The New ‘Jab Crow’ Laws

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Recently, I got a first-hand experience of what it is like to be part of the new untouchables caste - the unvaccinated. I was refused a job over it. This is that story.

The Beatles debut in West Derby 1960

The Beatles on stage in Hamburg 1960: George Harrison, John Lennon, Pete Best, Paul McCartney and Stu Sutcliffe. 60 years ago on December 17, 1960, The Beatles debuted in Liverpool at the Casbah Coffee Club.

Imagine John Lennon as an Octogenarian

John Lennon: October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980. Lennon returned to the recording studio after a five year hiatus. Four decades after his murder, John Lennon continues to be missed for both his music and his activism.

Heroes, Zeroes & Geeks

The Heroes & Villains Fan Fest was showcased in Edison, NJ. The main event featured on Saturday, September 8, 2018 was Gotham Panel Day.