To All Of My Deplorable Friends At Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all is not well, Democrats are still dreaming of Trump burning in hell.

They’ve spent the last four years trying to undo the deed, but fortunately for us they could never succeed. 

They’ve lied and deceived and used every dirty trick,

but the jokes on them; nothing would stick. 

With whispers of collusion and treason for spying,

in the end it turned out the media was lying.

But was there an apology offered to our side? 

Of course not, that would have damaged their pride.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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For years this went on with no in end sight,

and to this day they still believe that they’re right.

Never was any evidence found. 

or at least anything that you could really call “sound.”

But did this ever stop them? The answer is no,

the intelligence leaks continued to flow.

They used things like the dossier to implicate spying,

but when Mueller was finished it proved they were lying.

With names like Comey, McCabe, and Strzok,

If they all end up in prison I won’t give a ****.

They’ve proven our justice system is corrupt to no ends.

And the truth is that in the end nobody wins.

When this was all over they moved to impeach,

but once again revenge was just out of their reach.

When this was all over we thought they were  done,

But no, this is where it really got fun. 

They needed something to stop this man

It was obvious they were willing to do anything they can.

Their prayers were answered by this horrible disease, which allowed them to attack him and do as they please.

Each and every death on him they would blame,

but we see that this is just a stupid political game.

The media is preaching fear, hate, and division,

It’s not just by chance, it’s clearly a decision.

All of this media crap that they keep selling,

to me it’s just a bunch of screaming and yelling.

The question is where do we go from here?

The Dems with power is my greatest fear.

It’s time for all patriots to stand up and fight.

Stand up for democracy with all of your might.

If they think they have won they’ll be proven wrong,

Trump is a fighter, we’ve known that all along.

So keep your chin up and try not to despair,

Because I promise you this: Trump’s not going anywhere.

          Merry Christmas, everybody!

Tom Roberts
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