Movie Review: The Plot Against the President

Using the Tools of Government in Political Warfare

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The Plot Against the President” premiered on October 9th amidst the rise and growing interest in administrative-state corruption in America. The film takes the viewer through the finer details of the outgoing Barack Obama administration. As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.” This film gives the viewer the perfect opportunity to clearly see the obstacles to, what should have been, a peaceful transfer of power to Donald J. Trump. In fact, Obama, working through the shadow government of the Deep State, did everything within his powers to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.

Endorsed by Trump on Twitter, the film is based on the book by Lee Smith, “The Plot Against the President: The True Story Of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal In U.S. History” As the book details, the plot began on July 31, 2016 with the counterintelligence investigation that the FBI opened to probe Russian infiltration of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The bureau never followed any Russians. In fact, it was an operation to sabotage Trump, the candidate, then president-elect, and finally the presidency.

Amanda Milius, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Content in the US Department of State’s Bureau of Global Public Affairs, directed the film, leaning on her film industry background. “The Plot Against the President” includes cameos from prominent political figures such as Richard Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Corey R. Lewandowski (Trump’s original campaign manager), Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and Trump’s personal attorney, and Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton.

The Plot

The film brings to light the inner workings of the FBI which, at the direction of Barack Obama, targeted Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Flynn was fired from his position as DNI by Obama for disagreeing with him when it came to dealing with ISIS.

Flynn had publicly announced he believed Obama was not doing enough to fight the rise of Islamic terrorism. Flynn, and many others, had criticized Obama for failing to even use the term ”Islamic terrorism.” When Trump surprised the world by winning the 2016 election in a huge upset, one of the first people he appointed to his staff was Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor (NSA).

This move terrified the entire intelligence bureau. Flynn was critical of the way things were being handled in the intelligence community and vowed to clean it up. The bureau knew that Flynn would find out that the FBI had been spying on the Trump campaign and expose Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI counterintelligence investigation into whether or not the Russian government interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.

The massive unmasking campaign during which Susan Rice, Obama’s NSA, had some working in the Trump campaign unmasked, did so at an alarming rate. Ezra Cohen, the current Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict, was assigned to look into it. He returned with a phonebook size stack of paperwork on unmasking carried out by the Obama administration. That was merely six months worth of material, numbering around 300.

The Russia Hoax

The film’s storyline moves into an explanation of how Obama’s corrupt FBI used Hillary Clinton’s opposition research to suggest the Trump campaign had been illegally colluding with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election. The intelligence agencies worked with alongside the propagandist Mainstream Media to spread this misinformation. Tactics normally reserved for influencing foreign entities were now being used against American citizens. 

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When the Russia investigation failed, it immediately morphed into another contrived investigation into the Ukraine, which led to the impeachment of Donald Trump. It also covers the Roger Stone case in which the FBI sent 25 armed FBI agents to raid his house at 6am. The raid included armored vehicles and even an amphibious assault from the canal behind his house.

Typically, a white collar arrest would involve the FBI contacting the party’s attorney, requesting they turn themselves in. Unfortunately, the FBI made an example of Roger Stone. He had not cooperated with the Mueller probe. Possibly tipped off by the FBI, CNN was present on the scene to televise the arrest in real time (captured on Stone’s security camera footage). CNN showed up exactly 14 minutes before the raid in what was probably the shortest “stakeout” in history.

The Review

The filmmakers did an excellent job laying out the conspiracy to keep Trump from being elected, followed by the attempt to remove him from office after he was elected. What’s more, they manage to walk you through the story without making it sound too conspiratorial. It is imperative that the film, “The Plot Against the President,” is widely viewed, as the Mainstream Media has blacked out most of this information. So outrageous is the story that it seems to be lifted out of a spy novel. Yet, portrayed are the actual real-life events and fact-based documents which remain well hidden from the American people. The film is definitely worth watching and will most certainly serve as a way to convince the skeptics. There is something about seeing the story in film that gives it all a sense of clarity and legitimacy.

Tom Roberts
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