Facebook, Twitter Cross Censorship Line to Protect Biden from Hunter

Emails Emerge as Corruption Scandal Deepens

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On Wednesday, October 14th, The New York Post released a story about a laptop that belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. It tells of tens of thousands of emails found on Hunter’s laptop. Contained therein were incriminating emails revealing that, while Joe Biden was vice president (VP), his son Hunter was selling access to his father. Certainly one of the biggest influence peddling scandals in recent history. 

One email discusses an executive from Burisma Oil thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father, who was Vice President at the time. This, however, is only part of the story. It also turns out that, in one of the most egregious acts of American censorship, Twitter and Facebook both decided to completely remove the story from their respective sites. I’ll begin with the Biden story first.

In what can only be viewed as a twist of fate, this has turned into one of the biggest October surprises in recent history. Also exposed were the Hunter Biden emails divulging he was being paid enormous sums of money to give access to his father, the vice president at the time, now the Democrat nominee for president. 

President Trump and other prominent Republicans have been making a lot of noise about Hunter taking a job with corrupt Ukrainine gas company, Burisma Oil.

We have known for years Hunter was paid between 50 and $83,000 a month to sit on the board of Burisma while having no viable skills to do the job. It was an obvious conflict of interest, shown to the Obama administration that ignored the warnings.

Biden, Guilty of Trump’s Impeachment Charges

Biden has been widely viewed on tape threatening to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees from the US to the Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating Burisma Oil, the company Hunter worked for) wasn’t fired immediately. 

Biden got his wish and the loans went through. This is a clear case of the Quid pro quo, strange because that is the reason Democrats used to try to impeach President Trump in early 2020. 

President Trump merely warned the President of Ukraine there had been some shady things done by Joe Biden, suggesting the Ukraine look into the matter.

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Ironically, the emails were revealed because Hunter Biden took his laptop in to be repaired, never returning to retrieve it. He must now wish he had. 

Many people have doubted the source as the information as it came by way of Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, right before an election. However, it turns out the shop owner gave the hard drive to the FBI in December of 2019. Apparently, they sat on it. He then went to a member of Congress, but, again, nothing came of it. Finally the owner sought out Giuliani’s attorney who then gave it to the New York Times. 

The owner of the computer shop is legally blind so he cannot verify it was Hunter. Yet, the Biden campaign is not refuting the emails are real. Their only response was to say there is no record of the meeting on his official calendar. Joe isn’t dumb enough to mark down, “Meet Burisma executive for illegal lunch at 12:30pm” on his calendar.

 Just as the story was coming out, the Biden campaign put a “lid” on the day meaning they would not be taking any questions on this matter. Biden has a history of avoiding questions and the Mainstream Media lets him get away with it. They would never let President Trump get away with it. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

Blatant Censorship

In an act that has left most Americans dumbfounded, Twitter and Facebook both decided to remove the story from their respective platforms. Twitter blocked all links to the story. The tech giants even went so far as to shut down Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Twitter account for simply tweeting a link to the story. 

Imagine shutting down the Press Secretary of the United States. Jack Dorsey from Twitter sent out a half baked apology saying that maybe they didn’t handle this well, but it’s unsure if they lifted the ban yet. Twitter has said it wants no part of information that comes from a hack. However, in recent weeks, it had no compunction about tweeting Trump’s tax returns even though they were obtained and released illegally. 

Twitter has also allowed the dossier to be shared to this day, even though it has been completely discredited. Twitterverse was quick to blame Russia for producing fake information. The hypocrisy is monumental. 

Crossing the Line

Facebook, on the other hand, shut down all sharing of this conversation. They claimed the story was being fact checked. One should know the man responsible for the Facebook censorship is none other than Andy Stone, a long time Democrat strategist.

Many Americans believe these blatant acts of censorship have crossed a line. What we have here is big tech actively influencing voting leading up to a presidential campaign. 

If this situation is not corrected, big tech will have the power to decide who is in charge of this country. This is unacceptable. This is a direct threat to our Republic. Democrats never cease accusing Trump of destroying our democracy but sit idly by as this happens. 

This censorship is helping their party so they stay silent. They should beware because, one day, this will eventually come back to haunt them. I’m sure if a conservative new source was in charge of deciding what news is fit for broadcast, they would have a differing perspective.

Trouble Ahead

Big tech companies should beware of censoring as there exist problems that could arise. Remember, anything of value given to a political campaign is considered a campaign donation. If it is determined that the value of their censorship exceeds the stated limits, they very well could be breaking the law. Dinesh D’Souza spent eight months in jail for this very thing, even though it was clearly payback from Obama for exposing him in a film documentary.

While watching the far-left but very honest Jimmy Dore show, it was explained that Facebook could get in trouble Previously, they had not been responsible for their content; they were merely a provider. Think of it this way. You can not sue a bookstore for slanderous material in a book you bought from the store. You can however sue the author or the publisher because they are responsible for the content. Now that Facebook is taking responsibility for what people are seeing, they have now moved from bookstore owner to the role of publisher. This could pave the way for lawsuits. 

The Bottom Line

Bottom line: any and all censorship is bad! When someone is put in charge of deciding what you can or cannot see, you must always ask the question “Who is the person deciding this? What are their personal agendas or biases”? Today, the censorship may help your cause. When the wrong person is put in charge, that could all change in a minute. You’ll be out of luck because you were ok with it before. It will be interesting to see how the Biden Campaign handles these new accusations of massive corruption and pay for play. 

Twitter Censored the Trump Campaign

For sharing the New York Post story, on October 15th, Twitter suspended the War Room account of the Trump campaign. It appears Twitter is declaring war, 19 days out from the election. For a long time now, Trump and other prominent Republicans have called to repeal the protections given Twitter and Facebook, protections that shield them from being sued as a publisher, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. 

Unfortunately these big companies have given so much money to our lawmakers on both sides, it’s becoming apparent they fear no one. We’ll have see if Congress is willing to do their job and hold these companies responsible. Something that, until now, they have failed to do.

As if this all wasn’t enough, more emails have been released showing that the younger Biden was working with China’s largest private energy company, CEFC, and received $30 million for introductions alone, along with equity ownership of a holding company and was paid huge consulting fees. Hunter Biden was quoted as saying, ”This could be interesting for my family.”

Joe Biden’s family enriched themselves during his time as VP. Hopefully, this latest release of information will serve enough to expose the extent of Joe Biden’s corruption. Maybe it will prevent him from winning the election. If he did all this as vice president, one cannot imagine what he would do with the powers granted to him as President of the United States. Just the thought of it is chilling.

Tom Roberts
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