Top 20 Trump Rallies Taking Us Into 4 More Years

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Over a million Americans attended rallies to show their support for President Trump. In cities across the nation, there were car parades, freedom rallies, boat parades, and more. Ground support for the President was clear from coast to coast; we the people are ready for four more years. Here is our top 20 list:

1) SOTU Address Recap – El Paso, TX Rally 2/11/19

With about 35,000 plus in attendance, – the atmosphere was super charged with excitement. The enthusiastic crowds turned out in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the President, leaving an overflow crowd outside watching on giant screens. While walking onstage the crowd was heard chanting “USA, USA!” Signs in and around the building read “Build the Wall” to “Finish the Wall.”

In usual Trump-style he started the rally off talking about the American economy being the best in the world, followed by the increase in military spending. Over $700 million has been spent to give our military much-needed supplies and equipment. Trump proclaimed, ”America is winning again” and ” Keep America First. ” “Today, we started a big beautiful wall on the Rio Grande. Last week, I was honored to stand in the house chamber to deliver the State of the Union. I asked both parties to come together to choose greatness for America. Since taking office two years ago, our economy is the greatest on earth,” the President said.

Next, Trump quoted the latest Rasmussen poll stating he was at 52% approval rating. President Trump reminded everyone of all the things we had accomplished together since 2017 and warned of the consequences of having the left win in 2020.

2) Mueller Report Released – Grand Rapids, MI Rally 3/28/19

Trump’s Grand Rapids event marked his first rally after the Mueller Report release, showing no collusion. President Trump opened the rally with “After three years of lies and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead! The collusion delusion is over…no collusion, no obstruction…total exoneration, complete vindication.” The Democrats’ “illegal” attempt to overthrow the 2016 election ended in an epic failure.

3) Re-Election Campaign Launched – Orlando, FL Rally 6/18/19

In Orlando, on the one year anniversary of his 2016 candidacy announcement, President Trump officially launched his 2020 re-election campaign. The First Lady was in attendance to introduce her husband to the podium. “Exactly four years this week, I announced my candidacy for President of the United States. And it turned out to be more than a political campaign, it turned out to be a great movement because of you,” President Trump reminded the crowd. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had recently resigned as press secretary, so the President brought her on stage to wish her well. The crowd honored her with a standing ovation.

4) Criticized The Squad – Greenville, NC Rally 7/17/19

Detailing their far-left rhetoric, one by one, Trump called out members of the “Squad,” Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their public statements are riddled with anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. He went on to condemn Antifa’s violent attack on independent journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon.

5) Reacted to Democrat Debates – Cincinnati, OH Rally 8/1/19

Trump commented on the two Democrat debates, held on July 30th and 31st. Ten Democrat presidential candidates per debate, a total of 20, faced off in the two-day consecutive debates. Trump said he couldn’t imagine someone like Pete Buttigieg facing off against President Xi Jinping on the world stage. He also mocked Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she’s a native American Indian. Many critics pegged the two debates as a virtue-signaling circus.

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6) Promises Kept – Wildwood, NJ Rally 1/28/20

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, began in the US Senate on January 16, 2020, and concluded with his acquittal on February 5. Reserving his comments on impeachment to his daily presses, at this rally, Trump focused his speech on keeping his promises to the American people. He touted his accomplishments, such as his trade deal with China, rebuilding of the US military, and destroying the ISIS caliphate. Trump slams the Democrats as the “do-nothing Democrats.” He predicted a 2020 “red wave” election, sweeping the House, Senate, and White House.

7) KAG – Manchester, NH Rally 2/10/20

President Trump asked the crowd to shout their vote in favor of the 2020 campaign themes Make America Great Again and Keep America Great (KAG), with the majority shouting for the latter. Trump solidified his promise to America by declaring, “I am President of the United States, not president of the world.” Days prior to this rally, President Trump was officially “impeached” by the US House of Representatives despite being acquitted five days earlier.

8) Coronavirus Arrived in America – North Charleston, SC Rally 2/28/20

President Trump reassures rally goers of America’s ability to handle the dangers of the coronavirus. He shut down US borders to foreign nationals in China as a precautionary measure. It was “an action that the Democrats loudly criticized and protested.” Trump said, “Border security is also health security.” One hundred and thirty-two miles of the southern border wall is now up.

9) Coronavirus Shutdowns Lifted – Tulsa, OK Rally 6/20/20

Trump started the rally with: “The silent majority has never been stronger before. Five months from now we will defeat Sleepy Joe Biden,” the newly minted Democrat presidential nominee. Tulsa marked the first rally after months of “shelter in place” coronavirus shutdowns across America. Black Lives Matter agitation outside the venue blocked some entrances, preventing some rally-goers from going into the venue. Days after this rally, Brad Parscale was removed as main campaign manager, while still remaining on the team.

10) Biden-Harris Ticket Criticized – Mankato, MN Rally 8/17/20

The 2020 election “will be the most important election in the history of our country, said President Trump. He added, “Joe Biden is a puppet.” Kamala Harris had just been named by Joe Biden as his VP pick on August 12th. Of the Biden-Harris ticket, Trump said: “Biden-Harris have pledged to eliminate fracking, natural gas, oil, and coal production.” For the first time, “on my watch the United States will be energy independent.”

11) Radical Left Called Out – Old Forge, PA Rally 8/20/20

President Trump warned the crowd of the radical left: “The stake of this election is the survival of our nation because we’re dealing with crazy people. [The left] has gone totally stone cold crazy. You look at Hillary, she was a lot smarter than Joe. There was a certain sense of sanity for years ago. These people have gone insane.” He went on to say, “Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the American way of life.” Trump said the National Guard could stop the violent riots, fires, and destruction in the Democrat cities in two minutes if the governors would invite it in.

12) Trump Rallies Called “Peaceful Protests” – Minden, NV 9/12/20

This rally was originally scheduled for Las Vegas. Because of pushback from the Nevada governor on prohibiting big political events, the Trump campaign quickly rescheduled the event at the airport in Minden. Trump said, “The governor of your state tried very hard to stop us from having this event tonight. [The left] can have riots and burn up the house and ‘that’s okay.’ We call this rally a ‘protest.’ If you call it a protest you’re allowed to have it.” With only a few days notice to the public on the venue change, a first-hand source reported to NRN that she stood in awe of a line that “never ends,” extending from the venue into a winding long line reaching into the vastness of the desert terrain.

13) First Trump-Biden Debate – Duluth, MN Rally 9/30/20

The night prior to this rally was the first Trump and Biden presidential debate. Trump recapped the debate, “I really enjoyed last night with Sleepy Joe….The verdict is in and they said we won big last night. In the history of cable television, it had the highest ratings of any show….It had the second highest ratings of overall television, in the history of television.” “Last night I did what the dishonest media refused to do. I held Joe Biden accountable for the 47 years of lies, 47 years of betrayal, 47 years of failure… The whole nation saw the truth.”

14) Recovered from Coronavirus – Sanford, FL Rally 10/12/20

President Trump held his first rally since being hospitalized with coronavirus. “It is so great to be back in the great state of Florida on the campaign trail. I am so humbled by your prayers and support. We’ve had such incredible support and here we are!”, Trump told the crowd. Taking a hit at his opponent, Trump said, “Biden had a bad day. He forgot Mitt Romney’s name. He didn’t know what state he was in. And he said he’s a proud Democrat running for the US Senate….We have someone running, he’s not 100%, he’s not 80%, he’s not 60%. We can’t have this as a country. Joe Biden is owned by the wealthy donors, the special money interests, who shipped away your jobs, shut down your factories, threw open your borders, ravaged our cities while sacrificing America’s blood and treasure in these ridiculous set of endless wars we’ve been in for a long time….The corrupt political class is desperate to regain power by any means necessary. We’re the ones standing in their way.”

15) Election Voter Fraud Predicted – Ocala, FL Rally 10/16/20

Trump now has doubled his campaign schedule. Here marked the beginning of about two Trump campaign rallies a day, since the President recovered from coronavirus. Trump proclaimed, “Wasn’t [the 2016 election win] the greatest evening? We’re going to have an even bigger evening and even better evening on November 3rd, despite the fact they’re trying to [take] forever to count the ballots, the fake ballots. They’re doing everything they can to protect their chosen candidate, Sleepy Joe.”

16) Social Media Censorsed Hunter Biden Scandal – Prescott, AZ Rally 10/19/20

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took the podium, after recovering from coronavirus two days earlier, with a roar of cheers. She said, “With your help, we can beat social media, we can beat the media because we have the greatest fighter in the history of this country in President Donald J. Trump!” Afterwards, the crowd chanted “four more years.” Her desire to “beat social media” is no doubt fueled by her censorship by Twitter for publicizing the explosive New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop and email leak. Minutes after McEnany departed the stage, President Trump said “Joe Biden has always been a corrupt politician” and the Biden family “a criminal enterprise.”

17) Trump Vs. Biden Compared – Pensacola, FL Rally 10/23/20

This is the first rally after the second Trump-Biden debate, where Biden vowed to end the oil industry and told 32 lies in 96 minutes. While speaking, President Trump reminds patriots that Joe Biden lied at the second debate when he denied saying he was “going to end fossil fuel” which provides more than 9.8 million high-paying American jobs. During the rally, President Trump played a ruinous video of Joe Biden saying that he would end fracking and fossil fuels. The President showcased the strong contrast between the Trump campaign – which is pro-God, pro-freedom, pro-education, pro-First Amendment, pro-Second Amendment, and, most importantly, pro-America – while Joe Biden, a corrupt politician, supports court packing, endless wars, open borders, cancel culture, Antifa, BLM, and has sold out our country for personal gain for more than 47 years. Patriots in attendance showed their support by chanting, “Four More Years, Four More Years!” and “Trump, Trump, Trump!” While Joe Biden put a “lid” on his campaign, President Trump jam-packs his rally schedule to energetically crisscross the country with rallies than expected, three to four a day.

18) Booming Economy Forecasted – Green Bay, WI Rally 10/30/20

“We’ve got a 91% approval from our veterans, the highest we ever got….Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country,” said President Trump to the rally go-ers of Green Bay. He went onto say, “Under my leadership, our economy is now growing at the fastest rate ever recorded, 33.1% last week. And if you look at the auto business, [it] is at a level it’s never been at….This is during the pandemic. We’re rounding the turn.” As the President talks about his experience with coronavirus, Trump supporters chant “Sup-er man.”

19) Fracking Protected – Butler, PA Rally 10/31/20

A whopping 57,000 people attended the second of three rallies on this day. I have breaking news, President Trump told the crowd, to protect the Pennsylvania from “maniacs” who might come along and try to destroy their state, “Moments ago I signed an executive order to protect Pennsylvania fracking to protect you from anyone wanting to stop energy production in your state.”

20) Final 2020 Campaign Rally – Grand Rapids, MI Rally 11/2/20

After holding five events on the day prior to election day, Trump held his last campaign rally in the battleground state of Michigan. President Trump told the crowd: “Now we have to build upon what we’ve done. Nobody has done what this administration has done.” After the crowd chanted, “We love you,” Trump went on to say: “In the history of politics, nobody has ever heard that expression before….It’s never been said before to the best of anyone’s knowledge. We appreciate it.” Before running and serving as president, Trump reminds the crowd, “I had a nice life, the greatest life but this is the single greatest decision I ever made. There is so much good we’ve done together. I couldn’t have done it without you, from the biggest tax cuts in history to [the biggest ever] regulation cuts.”

Rebecca Horvath
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