Trump official calls to abolish Department of Education

Former Trump Cabinet member calls for the dissolution of a major federal agency

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One of President Donald Trump’s former Cabinet members, Betsy DeVos, earned a standing ovation when she advised that the Department of Education should be abolished.

DeVos, a keynote speaker at the “Moms for Liberty” convention in Tampa, used federalism in her argument that state and local entities, not the federal government, should be in charge of education.

“I personally believe that the Department of Education should not exist,” the former Secretary of Education said.

In a new book, DeVos wrote, “The time has come for a truly new approach. We tried throwing truckloads of money at schools. That didn’t make them open any sooner during the pandemic. We tried banning poisonous ideologies like critical race theory, but that hasn’t—and won’t—drive the tendency to indoctrinate our children from our public schools.”

Moms for Liberty

The “Moms for Liberty” organization was established in response to the pandemic’s mandatory mask requirements for students, and the summit’s primary goal is conservative activism, urging conservatives to run for local school boards with a conservative platform.

Rebecca Horvath
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