Tone deaf Hillary mocks Trump for pleading the Fifth

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Hillary Clinton compared former President Donald Trump’s Fifth Amendment motion during his New York deposition to the lengthy interrogation she endured in 2015 about Benghazi.

Citizens for Ethics sent this tweet, which Clinton shared: “For 11 hours, Hillary Clinton testified on Benghazi. Donald Trump often invoked the Fifth Amendment to evade answering a question.”

Benghazi trial

At her grueling 11-hour testimony during the GOP-led House investigation into the murder of four Americans at the US Embassy in Benghazi, Clinton appeared bored in a photo that she tweeted on Thursday.

Clinton’s testimony included her infamous “What difference does it make at this point?” question.

The Republican backlash against Clinton, who was Secretary of State during the terrorist assault, intensified as she ran for president. The irony of her complaint against Trump is not lost on Americans.

Rebecca Horvath
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