Nikki Haley Torches Biden’s Latest Gaffe

Watch as Haley Skewers Biden’s Worst Middle East Mistake

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While Joe Biden has recently made a lot of mistakes, according to Nikki Haley, the errors he made in dealing with Israel in regards to pushing the Iran deal and in Saudi Arabia where he begged for oil. Haley said these may be extremely costly blunders that will take ten years to fix.

“It’s so interesting how wrong he continues to get foreign policy, and we’re going to be dealing with foreign policy for the next 10 years because of all the failures that he’s done,” the former UN Ambassador told Fox News.

Dangers of Iran

“What he does need to make sure that he gets out of the Saudi visit is how we’re going to counter Iran. This is a country that says ‘death to America’ and the region, all of the Arab countries know the dangers of Iran. Israel knows the dangers of Iran. It’s like Biden’s the only one that doesn’t understand how dangerous this country is, the number one sponsor of terror, and you’re going to try and fall all over yourself to get into a deal with them,” she continued.

Rebecca Horvath
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