Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels

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The President announced Wednesday that he would be signing a series of sweeping executive actions designed to do nothing less than end the production of fossil fuels in The United States. His claim is that those fuels are responsible for recent heat waves, which most reputable climatologists attribute to a rare “triple-dip La Niña” and not greenhouse gases. But beyond that, he claimed that when his mother was driving him to school in Delaware, a nearby oil refinery produced an oil slick on her windshield that gave him cancer. But we can all rest easy though, because there won’t be any more fossil fuels. Not under Joe Biden’s watch. So, what will he replace the fossil fuels with? The single example that was given was an offshore windfarm near Galveston, Texas. So let’s take a look at what that will produce.

Texas knows wind-power is unreliable

Land based windfarms have been proven to be unreliable. Apart from the massive amount of maintenance and startup costs related to wind power, the fact is, when the wind doesn’t blow, you don’t get energy. This is something Texas is already struggling with. ERCOT, has stated that it was a mistake to put so much faith in wind power. A deep freeze in February of 2021 and the recent heat wave coupled with low winds have taxed the Texas power grid to its maximum, simply because there just isn’t enough wind to keep up with demand during those emergencies. But what about offshore?

It is true that there is more consistent wind offshore. There are periods of low wind but more often than not it is estimated that while a land-based wind turbine can produce 1 megawatt of electricity, an offshore wind turbine can produce 8 megawatts of electricity consistently, and a wind farm would produce between 200 to 300 megawatts. So let’s get started, right?! Well, not so fast. The area Joe is talking about is off the Texas coast. In the Gulf of Mexico, and if there’s one thing the GOM is known for it’s hurricanes. Any wind turbines would have to be shut down in a hurricane to prevent them from flying apart. There is also the navigation hazard. Wind farms take up a lot of space, more so at sea because the turbine’s will be much larger. Additionally there is no plan for what the people who live hundreds of miles inland will be doing for electricity. One of these windfarms will only produce enough electricity to power about 3000 homes. Even with these wind farms dotting the entire coast line of our country, they won’t produce nearly enough energy for the whole of The Untied States. Finally what will we make the turbines out of? The blades themselves are made of a combination of wood and fiberglass. The resin that is used in the production of fiberglass is made of, you guessed it, petroleum products.

What will replace petroleum in manufacturing?

The real problem is a lack of understanding about where our energy comes from. Only a fraction of our electricity in The US comes from coal. Less that 20%. Most is from natural gas, nuclear, and renewables. With nuclear accounting for about 18% and the latter accounting for less than 13% of the total energy output. So when you plug in your electric car to charge it, you’re filling it up with energy that was overwhelmingly made from petroleum products. This is the fatal flaw in the left’s push to end fossil fuel production. Due to their ignorant approach to the subject, they believe that when oil, coal, or natural gas, is taken out of the ground, it is turned directly into energy by a bunch of evil trolls who wave their refinery wands at it, producing gas for cars, electricity for lightbulbs, oil slicks for windshields, greenhouse gasses, and nothing else. A serious lack of education and in many cases, willful ignorance, blinds them to the fact that only about 20% of every barrel of oil is used to make gasoline. Another 20% is used to make shipping fuels that get goods where we want them to go. The other 60% is used to make everything from tires to toothpaste to cell phones, to clothes, to furniture. The list is almost endless.

The United States is not the problem

All this and ignoring the fact that energy production in The Untied States is the cleanest in the world. For purely political reasons, Democrats in The US ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room which is China and India. They, by several orders of magnitude, produce the bulk of the world’s air pollutants. Attempting to do away with fossil fuels in the US to solve the world’s pollution problems is like only cleaning the left lens of your glasses and wondering why you still can’t see clearly.

This kind of myopic action on the part of the left and their puppet president are only exacerbating an already unstable economy and making our supply crisis even worse. To make matters worse is the idea that Joe Biden with a stroke of his pen and no congressional approval should be able to cripple our entire energy industry. This is a clear violation of the separation of powers. It is doubtful that congress, with it’s current leftist leadership will do anything to stop the president. Our only recourse is to vote out every single Democrat currently in office in November. Nothing less than our entire economy is at stake.

Walter Jordan
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