United States 2020 Election: What If?

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President Trump is fighting as hard as he can to protect the integrity of our electoral process. With so many allegations of voter fraud and malfeasance, it is hard to keep the faith on whether or not President Trump could be reelected. Here is an entire break down of the  many circumstances that could play out in the next few weeks over of the Presidential  Election 2020. It is far from over.  

The media audaciously announced former Vice President Joe Biden to be the President-Elect despite key battleground states including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona not having finished counting votes. The Democrat strategy is  very clear. They intend to portray Joe Biden as the clear, fair, and square winner and to portray President Trump as a dictator who will not accept the results of the election. The Democrat  party has pushed the narrative to “count every vote,” yet suddenly is no longer interested in counting the votes of hundreds of thousands of Americans now that it might put Joe Biden’s  “victory” at risk.

The Democrats have yet again manipulated and propagandized the election. Meanwhile, the American people have a right to know that there was a fair and free election. An American vote should matter in a legal and constitutional way. With several automatic recounts and legal challenges, there are numerous allegations of voter fraud. The country is  surrounded by an atmosphere of confusion. Despite the Democrats, the mainstream media, and social media acting with absolute certainty that Joe Biden will be the President-Elect, it is fair to say that with as many unprecedented events that have occurred in 2020, President  Trump winning reelection would not be the most absurd notion. With the results still up in the air, the American people may have multiple theories of what might happen in the next few  weeks regarding the election. 

Simple and Easy  

The recounts could simply result in some battleground states being for Trump instead of Biden. If so, President Trump becomes President-Elect for 2020. If Pennsylvania’s recount goes for Trump, plus one more state (or Arizona that hasn’t finished counting) then President  Trump can be reelected. 

Legal Challenges  

If one of President Trump’s legal challenges prevails in the Supreme Court several  things can happen: 

The Supreme Court might determine that based on the number of voter fraud circumstances and Biden’s alleged margin of victory, the winner might have been Trump. If in court two  battleground states are flipped, or one battleground state is flipped, and Trump turns out to win  Arizona, then President Trump can be reelected. 

The Supreme Court might require a redo election in several battleground states. If that is the  case, then either President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden could win the election.

There may be a circumstance in which based on the combination of states, neither President Trump nor former Vice President Joe Biden reach 270 electoral votes. For example, if the  recounts and legal challenges resulted in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona going for Trump, leaving him at 264 electoral votes and Biden wins North Carolina, leaving him at 269 Electoral  Votes, then the election would go to a Contingent Election in the House of Representatives in January. 

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Twelfth Amendment  

If the legal challenges and recounts result in neither candidate reaching an electoral 270, then the 12th Amendment of the United States Constitution controls. The 12th Amendment allows the House of Representatives to vote for the President-Elect. Before anyone despairs  knowing that the Democrats currently have a House majority and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of  the House, the vote is not held with all 435 Representatives. Instead, the vote is held among  the states. The Representatives from each state choose among themselves one vote per state. A simple majority applies and President Trump would simply need the votes of 26 states to  win reelection. The Republicans currently hold the majority of state delegations in the House of Representatives. If the Republicans sided with their party nominee, President Trump could very well win reelection through the 12th Amendment. 

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree  

The bigger picture argument is that many Americans, probably a little more than 70 million, firmly believe that the 2020 Presidential election was wrought with fraud and corruption. Arguably, if any of the voter fraud allegations hold up in court, then the entire election is fruit of the poisonous tree, and the whole election should be redone. The Democrats think this is a radical argument, but interestingly, evidence may be brought forth that verifies the allegations of conservative Trump supporters. 

Michigan might have set the stage for one of the most egregious attacks on the United State election process in history. Benford’s Law is a credible source whose analysis has been used to determine if voter fraud occurred in the 2000 and 2004 election. Benford’s Law has determined that Joe Biden’s results in Michigan were more than 99% flawed and improbable. In fact, the probability of Biden’s performance in Michigan, according to Benford’s Law, is 0.0000017. 

Federal investigators have already begun looking into the many irregularities that point to voter fraud in Michigan. In at least one instance, there was a known incorrect tabulation of votes where 6000 Republican votes were counted in favor of the Democrats through either a glitch or user error with the voting software called Dominion. That same vote tabulating software was used in many counties and 30 states throughout the United States. With so many bad faith acts, the entire election could have been a fraud. How can any true American have faith in the results of the 2020 Presidential election with so many circumstances of voter fraud  and irregularities throughout the entire country? 

Accepting the Results of the Election 

Democrats have demanded that Republicans and conservative Trump supporters accept the results of the election immediately so we may unify the country. In fact, many  Trump supporters feel abandoned by the GOP and many Republican representatives for their failure to protect the President and election integrity. Representative Dan Crenshaw, a  Republican Congressman once celebrated for being an impressive fighter for Conservative interests, has released statements which say that the allegations of voter fraud must be investigated, but ultimately the American people must accept the results of the election. 

Over the last four years, Trump supporters have experienced attacks by the radical left  because they refused to accept the results of the 2016 election. President Trump was accused of Russian Collusion, where Robert Mueller conducted an investigation attempting to prove the 2016 election was illegitimate. The Democrats accused President Trump and his supporters of being racists, bigots, misogynists, homophobes, and evil sycophants. Trump  supporters have endured doxing, rioting, burning, looting, physical attacks, and censorship from the mainstream media and social media. In the last year alone, Democrats have undermined the President and attacked the spirit of America through the impeachment trials, coronavirus shutdowns, the BLM and ANTIFA riots, the extreme censorship of Conservative voices by social media platforms, and finally, the manipulation and propaganda of the 2020 election before any states have certified their votes. Democrats intentionally worked to weaken Republicans and conservative Trump supporters over the last four years and have particularly accelerated and strengthened their attacks in preparation of the election. A passive response of accepting the results of the elections after the severity of attacks and  election interference by the Democrats would play right into the Marxist and Socialist playbook. 

The American people deserve so much better. It is time that we learn the truth behind the corruption that lies behind elections. The American voice must be heard.

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