Mail-in Voting Was Used as a Plot to Deny Lincoln Reelection in 1864

History Shows Lincoln’s Reelection Could Have Been Affected by Mail-in Ballots

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In 1864, mail-in ballots were used as an attempt to overthrow Abraham Lincoln and fraudulently cause Lincoln’s opponent, George McClellan, to win. The mail-in ballots were supposed to be used by Union Army troops to ensure their suffrage while out battling the Confederate Army. However, in a gigantic fraudulent plot, the mail-in ballots were forged by sending in ballots with forged signatures of soldiers, sending in ballots of dead soldiers, and even sending in ballots from soldiers that never existed.

This plot was luckily foiled just 2 weeks before the election. If they were not caught, it could have drastically changed the direction of the election. This just confirms the idea that yes, our election system is not perfect and yes, there is an opportunity to have wide-scale fraud in an election despite what the media might tell you. 

How Does This Relate to the 2020 Election?

Well, part of the answer to that is self-explanatory seeing how we have never had an election with mail-in balloting this widespread. However, there is a more complicated answer. On Election night, President Donald Trump was ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin. Suddenly, when everybody was sleeping Joe Biden and the Democrats somehow overtook that ginormous Trump lead, which seems statistically impossible. The same thing happened in Pennsylvania a few days later. Most Democrats attribute this odd occurrence to mail-in ballots. But that just does not make sense. Here’s why: 

In Michigan, assuming most everybody votes strictly within party lines, mail-in ballots were returned by 41% Republicans, compared to the Democrats 39% percent and 20% other. Now, let’s just say that 20% other, and some of the 41% Republican, voted Democrat (which is of course, realistically impossible). That still would not explain how Biden overtook Trump’s huge lead because it seems unlikely that would be enough votes for Biden to cross that threshold. 

Now, let’s look at Wisconsin, where the same thing happened. Biden won the state of Wisconsin by roughly 20,000 votes. On election night, Trump also had a pretty healthy lead. Democrats also attribute this huge Biden gain to mail-in ballots. But, again of the mail-in ballots returned 43% were from Republicans compared to 35% percent Democrats and 22% other. So it can’t be the mail-in ballots. 

More Possible Circumstances of Voter Fraud

First, let’s look at Nevada which is a hot spot of mail-in ballot irregularities. According to The Federalist, Fred Stokes who died at age 92 in 2017 apparently cast his mail-in ballot and it was received according to The Nevada GOP tweeted on Twitter a thread of instances of mail-in ballot irregularities and at the top, it reads “The moment Democrats passed AB4 with less than 100 days until Election Day, and @GovSisolak signed the bill, the integrity of Nevada’s election was at risk. We warned what could happen as the state was not prepared to conduct a universal mail election.”

Next, let’s look at Michigan. In a tweet by Twitter user @fleccas it appears as though 118-year-old William Bradley, who died in 1984, cast his mail-in ballot in Michigan according to the Michigan voter information center’s website. This is just one of many instances in Michigan where dead people have apparently voted by mail. All this evidence points to the conclusion that the method of mail-in balloting during an Election is indeed not safe nor trustworthy. Republicans have filed suit in Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and they have requested a recount in Wisconsin to try and get this all under control. We will just have to wait and see what happens within the next few days.

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