VIDEO: Minden, NV Trump Rally-Goer Shows Line That “Never Ends”

Nevada is Awake

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By Cuore Rosso

My friends and I live in California and as soon as we heard that the Trump Rally was going to Reno, NV, we made reservations. Unfortunately, the initial venue (Reno/Tahoe airport) was canceled per the governor’s request. This left me unsure if the event would even happen at all. 

Late on Friday, just prior to the weekend of the event, a new venue was confirmed at Minden Airport, Nevada. With the quick venue switch, I assumed that not many people would show up to the relocated Trump Rally. To my pleasant surprise, I was totally wrong. 

When we left our place at 3pm MT, headed towards the rally, we saw a badass truck decorated with Trump flags and that’s when the magic began. From there, the entire forty minutes consisted of thumbs up and hand waving from other rally-goers making their way to the airport venue.   

The mood was incredible. Everyone was excited, happy, and calm and collected, all at the same time. Trump gear could be seen everywhere. There was friendly conversations among strangers. I spotted pregnant women, young children, elderly, and handicapped; we were all there for the same reason…to enjoy an evening with the President of the United States, while celebrating America.

Enormous Rally Attendance, Even With Venue Relocation

When we arrived at Minden, it took us an hour to get in the parking lot. That’s when I realized that I completely underestimated the amount of people showing up to the rally. There were at least four miles of cars parked one next to each other on both sides; plus all the ones inside the parking lot (open field).  

Once parked, we had to catch a bus that dropped us off at the airport two miles from there. We stood in the line for almost two hours; that’s when I recorded the video that went viral.

It was around 6.30pm MT when someone with a megaphone announced “Air Force One has landed in Reno’s Airport.” Everybody started screaming in happiness; I got goosebumps!  

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We jumped on the bus, and the driver (she was hilarious) told us briefly about Covid-19 and encouraged us to wear a mask, but we were free to not wear one as well. Most of the people did wear one for the short ride. The bus dropped us onto another wider kind of lane, it was already 7pm and we thought we wouldn’t make it to the airport at that point considering the next steps. 

Every single person got a temperature check. After that, we went through an airport-style security check, and then we were finally in (around 7:40pm). We approached a welcome table full of water bottles and individual hand-sanitizers and then my eyes couldn’t believe it. There were more than 20,000 people in the rally venue. All of them had a positive energy and hope for a better future. 

There were no incidents whatsoever. Every once and a while, you could hear “excuse me,” “I’m sorry,” or “pardon me,” if by any chance somebody bumped into each other. I believe that another 5,000 didn’t make it on time and stayed outside the airport.  

President Donald J. Trump’s speech was amazing and eloquent. He is always booked for an hour speech and then always speaks longer. This human being never gets tired; he was full of energy.  

I learned later that people started arriving at the airport location as early as 7am, which means that they were on their feet for more that 12 hours. You have to love your president to do that. These were true patriots. 

People started moving out of the airport, and you can imagine 10,000 cars trying to go home at the same time, still no honks, no incidents. We decided to walk back to the truck, instead of taking the bus back as the traffic was stopped. That added another 50 minutes of a walk surrounded by patriots waving flags and singing. 

We finally were on the freeway driving back at 10:30pm. It was a long day for us, even longer for others. 

And I can’t wait to do it again!
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