How China Bought The U.S. To Its Knees

Is China involved in ObamaGate?

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While the United States struggles internally with racial disparity and division inflamed by our media and political leaders, it’s time to ask whether foreign actors are playing a role. Our country has been consumed with foreign interference since Donald J. Trump won the Presidency in 2016. Now that we know it was an orchestrated hit, how do we know foreign influence wasn’t the driving force? 

Long before President Trump ran for office, his stance on China was apparent. The President believes China has been taking advantage of the United States’ generosity due to our leaders’ naivete. But is it misfeasance or malfeasance? During President Trump’s impeachment, presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was exposed for taking $1.5 billion from China while Joe was Vice President. Senator Diane Feinstein employed a Chinese spy while she was head of the Senate Select committee on Intelligence. So, is this merely a coincidence or something more?

Our political leaders to actors, CEOs, and famous athletes are careful not to criticize China. Our social media companies go as far as to remove posts that are critical of China. But why? In a country built on the idea of freedom of expression, why is a foreign country able to shut us up? 

Following the Money

As the title of Dan Bongino’s new book simply states, follow the money

China has been investing excessive amounts of money in U.S. companies, real estate, scientific research, and education. They control some of our ports, 5% of our debt, influence our movies, video games, universities, news, and politicians. China pays off researchers to smuggle secrets and restricts access to companies that don’t fall in line. President Trump has been very vocal about removing U.S. dependency abroad. Is it really far-fetched to ask if China is trying to assert pressure to oust a President of the United States?

Are our news media, politicians, and large corporations cooperating? Is it out of fear of losing revenue, fear of losing elections, fear of blackmail? Americans have been suspicious for decades that our politicians will do and say anything to get elected. Americans have been upset that our companies will do anything to make a profit. Maybe we need to start looking at the real foreign interference in the United States. 

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