A Vote for Trump Is a Vote For America

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By Cat Harmony

The 2020 Presidential Election is, without a doubt, the most important election in the U.S. history in which you and I get to take part. The left-wing extremists have been pushing for a race war; they hijack supposedly noble causes, like Anti-fascism (Antifa) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) to cause civil unrest. For the past 4 months, these Antifa and BLM “activists” have been destroying historic statues and monuments, burning federal buildings, looting local businesses, and beating, killing, and terrorizing innocent, law-abiding citizens in cities all over the US. The fake news, main stream media, however, ignore all the left-wing violence. Instead, they have been spreading the propaganda of “what if Trump won’t accept 2020 election defeat?”

July 21, 2019: “What if Trump won’t accept 2020 defeat?”– POLITICO

June 16, 2020: “What If Trump Doesn’t Leave the White House?”– The Atlantic

July 21, 2020: “What Could Happen If Donald Trump Rejects Electoral Defeat? – The New Yorker

July 22, 2020: “Trump’s assault on election integrity forces question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss?” – The Washington Post

August 18, 2020: “How to avert a post-Election Day nightmare in 2020”–Vox

And the list goes on.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Democrats Weigh In

Of course, former Vice President Al Gore chimed in, suggesting the military will remove Trump from office if he refuses to concede, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders warning: “What we have got to do in the next two months is to alert the American people about what that nightmarish scenario might look like, in order to prepare them for that possibility and talk about what we do if that happens.”

While the Democratic politicians and left-wing extremists are spreading obsessive fears of President Trump refusing to accept an election loss, they are also plotting a coup to steal the election if Trump wins. These left-wing extremists are laying the groundwork to reject Trump’s victory in the November election, no matter what. Hillary Clinton publicly instructed Joe Biden not to concede the defeat, whatever happens. The left has already decided they will accept only one outcome. After all, the Democrats had plotted Obamagate, the Russia-collusion hoax, sham impeachment to undermine theTrump administration even prior to the 2016 election. Democrats deny the existence of Obamagate, calling it a hoax; just like they deny the existence of Antifa, calling it a myth. Though declassified documents prove the existence of Obamagate and livestreaming videos and eyewitness accounts prove the existence of Antifa, Democrats continue to lie because they think American voters are so stupid that we can’t think for ourselves.

Left-wing violence aside, a Biden-Harris administration (or “Harris-Biden” administration, as they’ve both claimed) means socialism with increased taxes, Medicare for all, taxpayer-funded welfare for illegal aliens, reparations for all black citizens, late term abortions, restricting religious freedom, radical left-wing indoctrinations in schools, radical environmentalism, and a socialistic utopia where no individual rights exist. Then, how do Biden and Harris handle the left-wing violence and predatory criminals?  Not only do Biden and Harris condone the violent riots and lootings, but they also directly/indirectly promote bail fund that helped a child rapist, and other heinous criminals walking free in our streets. This is just a sneak peak of Biden-Harris’ America.

The Fight Of Our Lives

This is why the 2020 Presidential Election is the fight of our lifetime. This is the fight we cannot afford to lose. Democrats are bowing down to the left-wing extremists and trying to turn our country into a socialist country, and eventually a communist country.  However, many conservatives living in Democrat-infested districts, cities, or states have given up on voting. They had been out-voted far too many times, and they don’t see it is worthy of their effort to fight. As long as you love America, it is worth the fight. Do not let Democrats silence your voice. There are also those “I just can’t vote for Trump” conservatives. As long as you love America, you will get over Trump’s “style” and focus on his substantive policies. How many stylish American presidents promised border securities and kept that promise? How many stylish American presidents preached law and order and put it in action? How many stylish American presidents talked about peace deal in the Middle East and achieved it? How many stylish American presidents promoted job-creation in America and actually meant it? How many stylish American presidents dreamed of American economic prosperities and made it come true for the American People? If you truly love America, the land of freedom and hope, you will do everything you can to protect it. If you truly love America, you will get out and vote Trump.

Please do not give up, my fellow freedom-loving Americans. We must channel the American spirit and be willing to sacrifice everything to protect the freedom and unalienable rights for us and our future generations. Each one of our votes matters, especially in 2020 presidential election. I urge all eligible US voters who love America and what America stands for to vote for Trump and vote in person.  We must deliver a landslide win for Trump in electoral, as well as popular, votes. We will not give Democrats the chance to steal the election.

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