America’s Colorful Revolution

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A color revolution is not a term you are likely to hear today in the mainstream media. The phrase is used to describe movements in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. The tactic used by these revolutionaries is primarily civil resistance. Interestingly enough, Russia and China see these color revolutions as a product of the United States and claim they pose a threat to their national security.

The most recent cases were in Georgia’s Rose Revolution and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Massive street protests erupted over disputed elections, which led to the overthrow of their political rivals.

Like America’s political landscape, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation played a large role in both revolutions. With a history of funding the collapse of nations, George Soros and friends have their eyes on the United States.

Who are the revolutionaries this time? Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Along with a pro-communist China groupthe Open Society Foundation gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 million. These are the foot soldiers in America’s color revolution. This plan has been in motion since George Soros started funding local District Attorney races across the country. With an overhaul of our justice system at the local level, these domestic terror groups are allowed to intimidate the electorate unabated.

What a Colorful Coup

There have been many articles about the coming coup against President Trump in the 2020 presidential election. And there isn’t just one front for an attack. Black Lives Matter and Antifa have the streets covered for voter intimidation; Joe Biden has the courts covered, hiring 600 lawyers to battle President Trump over the election results. The far-left has the military brass covered, claiming they will escort Trump out of the White House if he refuses to concede. Lastly, the media will refuse to announce the results on election night to allow the coup to remain viable. 

America’s color revolution is a systematic plan to regain control of the United States and continue pushing the country to the left. The American people will soon have to make the most crucial decision in their lifetimes. Will America remain a politically centered country, or will we drastically change the way we choose to govern?

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