Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Confirms Hard Drive Exists

Over the past few days, the New York Post has released documented evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden using the vice presidents office to enrich themselves

Rudy Giuliani obtained a copy of this evidence via a hard drive found in Hunter Biden’s computer left at a repair shop. After making multiple attempts to return Hunter’s computer for a year, the shop owner found this information and forwarded it to the FBI and Giuliani. 

After multiple attempts to discredit this information, including mass censorship from Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, the Bidens just made it worse.

Giuliani drops a MOAB on Steven Crowders Livestream.

Hours after the story released, Hunter Biden’s lawyer contacted the shop owner asking for the hard drive’s return. Giuliani confirms Hunter’s lawyer made a phone call and emailed the shop owner. Giuliani says he has a copy of that email.

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If this is true, not only did Hunter’s lawyer confirm the hard drive’s existence, it also verifies its contents.

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