Republican Senate Delivers Crushing Report on Hunter Biden

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Hunter Biden’s Corruption in the Ukraine

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On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) concluded his investigation into the dealings of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. We have known for years that Hunter was hired by a corrupt Ukrainian gas company known as Burisma Holdings. That, in itself, is not a big deal, until you factor in that Hunter Biden had zero experience in the energy field, either domestically or internationally, and doesn’t even speak Ukrainian. For this he was paid approximately $83,000 a month. That’s a nice salary for a man with no experience.

At the time he was hired by Burisma, Hunter had recently been dishonorably discharged from the US military for testing positive for cocaine. So, the question arises: Why would a corrupt foreign energy company hire a man like Hunter Biden? The answer is simple. He is the son of Joe Biden and, at the time Hunter started his job, his father was the Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama.

This, alone, raises questions of impropriety. But, wait! It gets worse, much worse. During the Obama administration, our government was attempting to reduce the Ukraine’s dependency on Russian gas and oil. The goal was to invest billions of dollars in the Ukrainian government so they could help the Ukraine develop its own energy. The hope was that the Ukrainians would, then, be less dependent on Russia, President Barack Obama then appointed Joe Biden to be the point man in charge of distributing the money approved by Congress to aid the Ukraine. Here is where the obvious conflict of interest begins.

During the Obama administration, the Ukrainian government was wrought  with corruption and our government wanted to help them with their problem. At that time, the leader of the Ukraine was Petro Poroshenko, an utterly corrupt leader, who was replaced by a new president, Vlodmyr Zelensky. Zelensky was elected to try and clean up the corruption that was plaguing the Ukraine.

Zelensky’s Investigation and Biden’s Threats

One of the things Zelensky did was to order an investigation into the holdings of Burisma oil, which was owned by Mykola Zolchevsky, who apparently paid a $7 million bribe to some unknown source to make the investigation go away. It appears he got his money’s worth. Poroshenko appointed a prosecutor named Victor Shokin to do the investigation. Shortly after that appointment, Joe Biden was heard on tape threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from the US if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was looking into Burisma Holdings, investigating potential illegal wire transfers, and money laundering.

When the Ukrainians objected to Biden’s threats, Biden replied, ”You don’t believe me? Call him and see if I can or not!” On the tape Biden brags, “I told them if the prosecutor isn’t fired, then you don’t get the money!” He goes on to say that, “I’m leaving in six hours and if the prosecutor’s not fired, you don’t get the money.” He then joked saying, “Well, son of a b-tch. (Laughter.) He got fired,” laughing off the whole incident.

The reason Biden gave for having Shokin removed was that he was corrupt. We know now from recorded messages between Biden and Poroshenko that was not the case at all. In the recording, one can hear Poroshenko reassuring Biden the prosecutor had indeed been fired. The prosecutor had been investigated and no wrongdoing of any kind had been found. This delighted Biden and he reassured Poroshenko that the money would be released, which it was.

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Ukraine President calls to investigate Biden/Kerry recordings. Courtesy OAN

All of this information has been widely known for years now, but has been either downplayed or ignored altogether by the Mainstream Media. While researching this article, I read a piece written by Reuters during the impeachment hearings explaining that there was nothing in Hunter Biden’s actions that raised suspicion. It went on to say that there were no red flags at the time. That is blatantly false.

Trump Impeachment Was a Cover for Biden Corruption

According to the Washington Post, George Kent, who testified against President Trump during the impeachment trial, said he and others had brought up the obvious conflict of interest but his efforts fell upon deaf ears. One of the reasons the Democrats gave to justify the nonstop investigations into Trump and his family was to make sure there was nothing that foreign governments could use to blackmail him. But, let’s not forget Biden’s son took a billion dollars in loan guarantees from the Chinese government.

One might think all these glaring facts would put Biden in the spotlight. The only real question I have seen presented to Joe Biden about this issue was by Peter Doocy of Fox News when he asked Joe Biden if he knew anything about this. He merely chuckled and said, “I don’t discuss business with my son.” Which now has been proven to be a lie. When Hunter was asked in an interview by ABC about this, he acted as if it were no big deal. When asked “Do you think the reason you got the job was because your father was the Vice President of the United States?”, he had to think for a second and finally replied, “probably.”

Hunter Biden interview. Courtesy ABC News

Like I said, this has all been reported on for years. What is new are the findings of Senator Johnson’s probe. It seems that this is just the tip of the iceberg,

We now know that Hunter pursued many million dollar deals while his father was the vice president. The Biden family and Hunter’s business partner Devin Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds. The Hunter also received $3.5 million from the richest woman in Russia who also happens to be the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. There were also bank transfers to Biden’s brother. Some of Hunter’s associates are linked to the People’s Liberation Army of China and the relationship resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow, paid to non residents of Russia or other European countries affiliated with human trafficking and prostitution.

The headlines from Politico read, “GOP Senators anti-Biden Report, Repackages Old Claims.” The New York Times article reads, “Republican Inquiry Finds No Wrongdoing by Biden”. Is this what today’s media has been reduced to? Producing propaganda for the Democrats? I’d say so. Now imagine, if you will, replacing  the name Hunter Biden with the name Donald Trump Jr. Can you even imagine the headlines from the press? It would be the top story for weeks on every network as they all in unison scream, “Impeach him.”

New Facts of Biden Corruption Revealed by Senate Report

The Senate probe into Hunter Biden and the Ukraine corruption has revealed new facts not before revealed to the public. The investigation into the Bidens and the Ukraine was delved into in detail by former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and revealed on his podcast, Common Sense. It literally sickens me to report on just how corrupt Biden and his family have been and continue to be. I find myself asking, “Is this really the man the Democrats have chosen to replace Donald Trump?” Biden is running on a “Restore America to it’s previous glory campaign.” Really, Joe?

People say they worry about Trump’s corruption but, from the time Trump began climbing in the poles, he has had a magnifying glass looking at everything he has done in the past thirty years and nothing incriminating has been found. Maybe it’s time to start looking in the other direction for the corruption they so desperately seek. It’s hard to imagine the impact this would have on our upcoming election if the media simply did their job of holding powerful people responsible.

People might think the media’s one sided reporting helps the Democrats but having no accountability has allowed them to go off the rails. Then they wonder why things come back to haunt them. The press does no favors to Biden by not asking him hard questions because, when Chris Wallace asks real questions in the upcoming debate, Biden will appear weak because he hasn’t built up an immunity to tough questions the way President Trump does every day. 

It will be interesting to see if Joe can hold up under pressure or if he’ll lose his temper as he often does when put in a stressful situation. I, like millions of other people, will have my popcorn ready.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on the Hunter Biden probe.
Tom Roberts
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