Canada: Growing pushback against Trudeau’s clinging to vaccine mandates as others discard them

In Canada, the unvaccinated are banned from all commercial airliners, passengers and crew member alike. But pressure is mounting against Trudeau.  Trudeau’s American counterpart Joe Biden also has a “no logic” border policy, as border crossings from Canada to the US are restricted for the unvaxxed, even though Biden permits multitudes of illegals from Mexico to enter […]

Afghanistan: Women Protesters Injured in Stampede after Taliban Fires Shots in the Air

Recall the UN’s warning that Afghanistan women’s rights are a “red line.” That “red line” has been crossed repeatedly by the Taliban without any consequences from the UN. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council just “unanimously adopted a US-proposed resolution that facilitates humanitarian aid to Afghanistan,” which is said to be “on the verge of economic collapse.”

Turkey: Another Historic Church on the Verge of Extinction

Yet another historic church is violated and left to rot in Turkey. The decades-long victim of the abuse, the Surp Minas Church, located in the city Erzurum, is now caught in the middle of an urban transformation project. Furthermore, it has largely been destroyed by treasure hunters.