Russia: Putin says 32 Terrorist Attacks Were Foiled in 2021

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Putin doesn’t say what kind of terrorists they were, at least as far as this report goes, but they were almost certainly Islamic jihadis. It’s the international terror threat that no one dares to name.

“Putin says 32 terrorist attacks foiled in Russia in 2021,” Tass, December 19, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

MOSCOW, December 20. /TASS/. Russia’s security agencies managed to achieve a decline in the terrorist threat, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that 32 terrorist attacks have been prevented over an 11-month period this year.

“Over recent years, there are significant progress and positive dynamics in this challenging, extremely responsible area [the fight against terrorism]. There has been a dramatic decline in the terrorist threat,” the Russian head of state said in a video statement on the occasion of the Security Agency Worker Day.

According to Putin, “over the past eleven years, more than 200 terrorist attacks have been foiled, the number of terrorist crimes has decreased dramatically over this period.” “The vast majority of such crimes are nipped in the bud,” he added. “Over an 11 month-period this year, 61 crimes have been prevented, including 32 terrorist attacks, thanks to your effectiveness and coordination. This is a good result, but there are still many issues,” the Russian president addressed the employees of the security agencies….

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Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer

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