Stacey Abrams Laughs at Biden

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Abrams laughs at President Biden, who she's defended until this point. She hopes to run for office one day, or even possibly as vice president. She won't accept anything short of a landslide in 2022.

Give up your guns for cheaper gas

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Groups "buying back" guns are only virtue signaling- and criminals will not give up their weapons that easily. No ID or verification of legal ownership is required, which means stolen arms may be turned in without criminal charge.

Why Former Liberals Support MAGA

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This is why former liberals support MAGA. An America-first strategy is better than hate, division, and virtue signaling.

Dominion’s Auto-Complete Voting Machines

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Three major voter patterns that support the suspicion of voter fraud. Otero County in New Mexico serves as a model to fight for voter integrity.

Biden Hurts Democrats in Tough Races by Halting Title 42

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President Biden is facing a growing mutiny from Democratic candidates which includes five vulnerable senators on his decision to end the Covid-19 public health order Title 42 used to expel migrants.