Biden Hurts Democrats in Tough Races by Halting Title 42

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Democrats Can’t Pretend Anymore

Over two million illegal crossings have occurred on the southern border since President Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump’s Remain-In-Mexico border policy in January 2021. In addition to lifting this effective border policy, the Biden administration announced a halt to Title 42, which is an emergency public health order that keeps immigrants out until they undergo investigative processing. With a decrease in immigration arrests and deportations since 2020, human smugglers and cartel criminals anticipate the expiration of Title 42.

Although there are Democratic politicians that choose to remain silent on the matter, other Democrats have voiced their concern. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R)’s Democratic Rival, Beto O’Rourke, has openly announced disapproval of Biden’s border policy. Other Democratic Senators who are worried about the security of their seat in the upcoming primaries have also suggested alarm on Biden’s position on Title 42–Michael F. Bennet (CO), Maggie Hassan (NH), Mark Kelly (AZ), and Raphael G. Warnock (GA). 

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