Monkeypox: What you need to know

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CDC issued an alert for monkeypox

The CDC officially recognized monkeypox as a public health threat, followed by an emergency WHO meeting. With midterms coming up, a second pandemic can mark the beginning of the government overreach that took place in 2020.

Claims that this disease is a serious threat came out 2 days after the first infection in the United States in Massachussetts. The infected resident recently returned from Canada.

Another case is being investigated in New York. Other monkeypox cases are being unusually reported in Spain, Britain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Australia.

Scientists monitoring outbreaks in Africa are baffled

Maria Chang of AP News says, “For the first time, the disease appears to be spreading among people who didn’t travel to Africa.” Usually these cases are highly controlled, and infrequent. There is something definitely unusual about these cases.

For now, monkeypox infections appear to be unusually high among young gay men who recently had sex with other men. In one case in Spain, clusters of up to 14 individuals were connected to a single party.

Previously, cases of monkeypox outside of West Africa were easily attributed to a recent travel to Africa, or contact with small animals from infected regions. However, no pattern of sexual transmission has been recorded in West African region, which get thousands of infections a year.

Can monkeypox be spread through sex?

It is too early to say whether sex is necessary for transmission, says Dr. Michael Skinner of Imperial College in London. A proper data analysis and epidemiology report must be conducted to reach that conclusion.

Michael Skinner reports that the disease typically comes from small animals. This disease is ‘unlikely’ to spread rapidly in infected regions, such as the UK, since transmission is dependent on intimate contact.

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