Good Morning America Warns Against Boosters

What is tolerance, and why do boosters backfire?

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On May 11, Good Morning America warned viewers against getting COVID boosters. This makes ABC one of few mainstream news sources that is addressing recent data on the COVID vaccines. This includes announcing a decreased efficacy, or effectiveness, of the shots.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how long immunity lasts, and why getting boosters may backfire. Individuals who receive multiple boosters may build tolerance, which can suppress the ability of the immune system to function properly and fully.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Chief Medical Correspondant, on COVID boosters

“There’s a new published study out in Lancet, the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, about the fourth dose, and what happens to our antibody levels.

It is not a surprise that they released new data confirming that after the fourth dose of Pfizer or Moderna that antibody levels rise significantly, they surge, in the several weeks after that dose. We’ve known that for a while. But here are the caviats, we don’t know how long that lasts, number one. And our immune response, remember, is not just about anti-bodies, it’s about that T-cell response also which you can’t really measure as well as just a pure antibody level.

And it’s about whether or not they’re blocking or neutralizing antibodies to the variant that we’re seeing so when people to hear the headlines, you shouldn’t be surprised. Yes you’re going to get a surge in your anti-body levels. But how long that lasts is the issue and it’s not much about more boosting for everyone.

People that have high antibody levels there’s the potential, and I want to underscore the potential, we haven’t seen any evidence of this of this immune phenomenon known as tolerance where if you already have high anti-body levels and you get another booster, your immune system can say well what am I needed for, and can kind of start to shut down. So if you’re in that category of people who the FDA or CDC is recommending to get a booster, 50 and over, 65 and over with a chronic condition, yes by all means, but everyone else don’t think that more boosting is the answer. We don’t know if that’s the case yet. “

A hard pill to swallow

The controversy surrounding the COVID vaccine has been ludacris and increasingly contradictory. More and more, the mainstream media is reporting that the COVID vaccines and boosters are not as safe as they were initially made out to be.

65% of the whole country is fully vaccinated, which indicates the faith individuals have on the shots. When a major news source releases contradictory information to the public, they discredit previous allegations they’ve made and hurt the integrity of the media all together.

In order to avoid outrage from the public, it makes sense that mainstream news will downplay the severity of the issue by and large. Or otherwise avoid discussing significant findings altogether, such as the outcomes of the Pfizer court cases.

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