Watchdog Organization Claims Fauci Received Millions From Big Pharma

A Watchdog Claims Fauci and Others at the National Institutes of Health Received Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Big Pharma Royalties.

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The group,, has compelled the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to reveal approximately $134 million in royalty payments to the agency and nearly 1,700 NIH scientists.

Only 1,700 NIH scientists have received hundreds of millions of dollars.

While CEO Adam Andrzejewski and his team were able to calculate the number of royalty payments made to each scientist, the overall amount of payments was a little more hazy because the information was withheld.


They did, however, discover royalty payments to NIH agency executives and senior scientists.

For example, Robert Gallow of the National Cancer Institute got 271 payments. The face of the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci, received 23 payments.

Rebecca Horvath
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