Food Processing Plants are Being Destroyed at Alarming Rates

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Upcoming Food Shortages are not a Coincidence

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The mainstream media has recently warned the American public of an upcoming food shortage. However, this inadequacy is attributed to the US embargo on Russia: which is a far-fetched claim.

The truth is over 20 food processing plants have had some sort of accident, or burning, since January 2022. This is impacting food cultivators and harvesters the most. Farmers are a key minority that are overlooked more and more every year, but must be represented in Congress regardless.

Taylor Greene fights back against conspiracy claims

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but unfortunately big news sources are claiming the burnings are nothing but a conservative conspiracy. Marjorie Taylor Green speaks up for farmers and fights to fulfill the government’s responsibility of ensuring social welfare.

US Rep. (R) Marjorie Taylor Greene asks the Biden Administration to address the burnings.

Our farmers stand for all of our values, traditional family values, freedom, the ability to live and sustain yourself and your family off the land, the Biden administration and the Democrats are ruining that and they’re destroying the very important, most critical past of the fabric of America that is our marmers. And I’m so upset about this. It has me so angry, but they’re doing it on purpose. I mean, they want to be the global economy. They want to be completely involved. And here we have these random supposedly accidental fires at food processing plants.

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