Biden’s Interest in Ukraine was Predicted

Ukraine paid the Bidens millions since 2014

The Biden administration’s involvement in Ukraine is a conflict of interest; on May 13, 2014, Hunter Biden joined the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. “Europe receives about 30% of its gas from Russia, and the majority of the pipelines run through Ukraine,” Breibart released in June 2014.

To Biden, US involvement in Ukraine is like a huge money laundering opportunity. Previously, news sources agreed that there is no one in the U.S government with a bigger influence on Ukraine than Joe Biden. Now, there is a consensus that there’s nothing to criticize about Biden’s support of sending $40 million to Ukraine.

In previous instances, Joe Biden got defensive over questions regarding a conflict of interest when it comes to Ukraine.

Biden is now sending $40 billion to Ukraine

The 117th Congress got the United States into a proxy war. Nancy Pelosi, building off of Biden’s $30 billion proposal, fought to add COVID relief funds in addition to military aid. Further included in this package was financial, weapon aid, and artilerry aid.

“The fact is democracy is at stake. Our national security is affected by this. And the leadership role that we play in the world is one that is essential to the essence of who we are,” she said. “Can we afford it? We can’t afford not to do it.”

Speaker (D) Nancy Pelosi on Ukraine military-covid Package, The Hill

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was the main advocate for the bill. Only 11 Republicans voted against the bill including: Marsha Blackburn (TN), Boozman (AR), Braun (IN), Crapo (ID), Hagerty (TN), Hawley (MO), Lee (UT), Lummis (WY), Marshall (KS), Paul (KY), and Tuberville (AL).

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