US Rep. Announces US is in a Proxy War with Russia

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The 117th Congress got the US back into war

On Saturday US Rep. (D) Seth Moulton announced on Fox News that The United States is in fact in a proxy war with Russia. A proxy war is a prolonged battle within armed countries that represents larger parties in power. This perpetual war was bound to happen the moment the US announced its involvement with the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Seth Moulton, Fox News, May 3, 2022:
“At the end of the day we’ve got to realize we’re at war. And we’re not just at war to support the Ukraines, we’re fundamentally at war, though somewhat through a proxy, with Russia and it’s important that we win.”

Pelosi urges a $44 Billion Package as soon as next week

The war is undeniable considering that within 73 days since the invasion of Ukraine, the United States has sent about $13 billion dollars worth of financial, weapon, and military aid. In order to further provide maximum funding to this war, a proposal made on Friday by Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushes to combine Ukraine and Covid funds as soon as next week. This $33 billion package will nearly tripple the amount of aid the United States has spent up to this day and will burden taxpayers amid inflation.

Contact your representitive to stop this madness

As announced by The Hill, “The White House is also proposing to direct $8.5 billion of the package to direct economic assistance and another $3 billion to humanitarian aid, including food supplies,” totaling a near $44 billion proposal. In order for the bill to be halted from passing, Congress must fall short of a majority vote. Sending letters, calling, and emailing your representitive to ask them to decline the bill is imperative for the structure of the US economy, and to stop this perpetual war.

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