Illegal Ballots Came from Stacey Abram’s Office

Indication of Abram’s Involvement

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True the Vote is an organization that exists to stop voter fraud throughout the nation and has collected GPS data patterns with regards to the night of the 2020 presidential election. GPS data is collected through a filtering system already in place by big tech companies. This filtered method is the same method used by ad-networks and payment processors in order to compile wherabouts and cellphone usage patterns of users.

One of True the Vote’s studies regarded suspicious patterns sourcing from two massive headquarters, including former Georgia Rep. (D) Stacey Abram’s office. This data determined that several individuals dropped off a number of ballots at campaign booths, just to stop by Abram’s office before doing it again the next day. With regards to this study, Abram has previously filed a restraining order against True the Vote, which was denied by the court in early 2021.

Vote ‘booster’ and voter activist

Former Representative (D) from Georgia, Stacey Abram, is currently a ‘voter activist’ and a leading voice against voter ID verification. She funded Fair Fight Action, which ‘agressively’ fights ‘voter suppresion’ efforts such as voter identification. Fair Fight Action advocates for mail-in-ballots and prides itself in breaking records for mail-in votes in Georgia. This includes fighting for 100,000 missing votes, and contributing to 53,000 thousand voter registrations.

Mail-in ballots are much more difficult to confirm than an in-person registration. So it’s reasonable for there to be concern and support of efforts in securing the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. However, these efforts are refuted by Fair Fight Action as an equivalent to Jim Crow era policies, such as poll taxes and literacy tests.

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