Why Former Liberals Support MAGA

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Their hero Obama established virtue signaling

Former liberals are leaving the Democratic party after witnessing intolerance, outstanding hypocrisy, and divisive politics over the past decade. Starting with Barack Obama’s presidency, the Democratic party strongly took on the role of being socially progressive. Instead of instilling hope and propserity, they weaponized against the people.

Obama’s legacy boils down to two things: the race card, and the beginning of virtue signaling. He lowered the bar for the presidency, including deception, manipulation, and downright lies. As long as it’s in the name of social advancement, the Democratic party can get away with anything. Just as Obama got away with atrocious acts of terrorism, nearly doubling the deficit, and even goverment overreach.

The realization that Democrats are the ‘fake-nice’ party

The Democrats’ true colors shined when Trump got into office. Negative stereotypes about conservatives were ingrained into anybody who would listen to the mainstream; and they were only reinforced by the acts of RINOs such as Mitch McConnell.

However, any sane liberal who has a conversation with a Trump supporter realizes that’s not the case. Trump supporters are better labeled as kind, hardworking, well educated people. Not evil, bigoted, white supremacists. Any further research will easily support that.

Ironically, knowing that they will be disrigarded as hate-filled, evil individuals simply because they no longer agree with the left side can be the deciding factor to leave the Democrats. Simply opening their eyes to this will help liberals open up their minds to a new world of ideas and concepts that they formerly never considered.

Elon Leaves the “kindness” party

Many support Elon Musk’s decision. And as many people know, the environmentalist-beloved EV enthusiast will now be attributed to false equivalencies.

This attitude has risen over the past decade and many liberals are getting sick and tired of this and are walking away. Many who walked away genuinely believe that Republican policies are better for our country than those proposed by the Democrats.

Conservatives don’t have to align with every single stance that the GOP has. But being skeptical, promoting concern over the economy, and refusing to give special treatment to anyone who virtue-signals will be better for our country.

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Christina Reyes
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