Brandon Straka: “Know When to Walk Away” When Redpilling

#WalkAway Movement Attracts People Already Pushed Away from Liberalism, Others May Not Be Ready

I had the pleasure to have a one-on-one interview with Brandon Straka, who started the #WalkAway movement. I met up with Straka at the fundraiser for Candidate Tim Fazenbaker of Maryland District 02. Of Fazenbaker, Staka said: “Tim has a message that is similar to mine. He believes in the American dream, and he wants that dream for all Americans.” That was why Brandon Straka came to out to Maryland to back Fazenbaker. It was all about spreading that word.

Straka’s #WalkAway WakeUp

“I started the #WalkAway movement because I felt the media betrayed me! They lied to me. I bought everything they sold me, and I believed Donald Trump’s negative press. I voted for Hilary and I was disappointed when she lost,” said Brandon Straka in my interview.

That was until his former baby-sitter sent him an email. “I didn’t want to believe her, and my first reaction was to turn away. She was someone I trusted. Then she sent me proof that Donald Trump did not mock a disabled man! She asked me to look at these videos. I realized at that point that the media was manipulating me.”

“These moments were clearly taken out of context. Then I looked further and further, and it kept happening. In Charlottesville, the press had most everyone believing that Donald Trump called neo-nazi’s ‘fine people.’ That was a Hoax too!” Straka said he was appalled. “The Democrat Party is using the media as propaganda to manipulate my fears and concerns. It was clear that the media was in on it too. Manipulating my fears to get me to vote in a certain way.”

Lied to By the Media

Brandon Straka was shocked at the media propaganda. Then as he put it, the light bulb went on. “If I was being lied to about this, what else was I lied to about?” Brandon admits, he did not intend to go to this way. “I voted for Hillary, I was having a party on election night to celebrate, and then she lost!” As he put it, “I had realized something. How much have I been lied to? All I am asking is for people to look at what is going on [with the progressive left in the Democrat Party].  Why are they perpetuating a narrative that I am a victim?”

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“The Democrat Party sows division, they (isolate) blacks, women, poor, LGBTQ. Anyone who can be categorized in the mainstream population, saying to us–’Look over there, those Republicans – they are the problem.’ It contradicts all of my values of unity, equal opportunity, and love.”  

The Left Sows Negativity and Dependence

Sitting down with Brandon Straka, I found a thoughtful man who is on a mission to dispel the rumors and to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party. “The Democrats have stopped believing in the American dream. Everything they point to is negative, I can’t be successful because I am gay. I was raised to believe that anything was possible. I was raised that I can achieve anything I set my sights on,” Straka said.

“The modern Democrat Party says I can’t. They ingrain it into our heads. They tell me I need them, not my desires and goals. Without the government telling me what to do, I cannot succeed. What happened to opportunity, personal empowerment, and love? The liberal tenants and belief of personal destruction and PC culture got to me.“

Personal Attacks From the “Tolerant Left”

What is happening to him is more than changing his beliefs. What is occurring to him is happening on a deeply personal level. His friends stopped talking to him. “People I used to speak with daily, now don’t seem to have time to talk with me… what’s going on here?” he wondered.

“Conservatives are embracing me, while my Democrat friends are shunning me. There is a lack of tolerance by the left, with examples of people refusing to serve me. I walk into a restaurant, and they notice it is me, and refuse to serve me. Just because of my support for President Trump!”

“What is happening here? The Democrat Party currently stands for intolerance and division. That is not what I stand for. I stand for unity! I know that I am going to be lied to by my enemies; that is a given. But when people who say they care about me blatantly lie to me, say they want to help me in return for my vote – [they] do nothing for me…. “

“I Cannot Support a Message of Hopelessness” – Brandon Straka

“I don’t ask my liberal friends to become Republican, but instead to look at the rhetoric the media is throwing out every day. Who are they working for? I ask them to look at how the media is manipulating the message to sell you a message of hopelessness. Then you will vote out of that hopelessness.”

“If you are LBGTQ, a woman, or person of color, or any other label out there… you are told clearly: ‘You cannot succeed.’ All because those people over there are holding you back! They have the deck stacked against you. With that message, people will give up.”

“They will give up their liberty for security – which is an illusion. That is not the truth. They are lying to you! The press is complicit in this too. Why? That message is not who I am. That is not my message. Donald Trump does not deliver that message, just listen to him.” 

Straka visited Maryland to support Tim Fazenbaker, who is running against Dutch Rupersberger of MD-02. “Look at what is happening in Baltimore. Crime is up and it is not going away! We have got to come together as a country, and I firmly believe that Donald Trump will do that. If only people would listen to what he says instead of what you are told he is saying.”

Growing the #Walkaway Movement: The American Women Town Hall

On May 1st, Brandon Straka is holding a town hall rally in Nashville, TN. He is hosting The American Women’s Walkaway Movement Townhall. “I have invited Lara Trump, Diamond and Silk, Judge Jeannine, and others. I am inviting everyone to join me. We are going to talk honestly about the vitriol and rage coming from women and why that is not helping.”

Just listen to Rashida Talib screaming in the attached clip to understand what he is saying. Straka wants to empower people and he is leading the charge. “This is about unity and love. That’s who I am and it is what I stand for. Come and join us to stand for unity, inclusion, and love.”

Get Behind our President #2020ISOURS

NRN will be following Brandon Straka as he builds his coalition of unity, inclusion, and love. It is what the Trump agenda stands for. The media hides the truth about Trump. They are dishonest. We want to let people know there is an alternative.

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