Give up your guns for cheaper gas

Here’s the deal

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Only in California would citizens happily comply to be broke, defenseless, and unable to travel. The Sacramento Police Department announced Monday that anyone who turns in their weapons would receive $50 worth of gas.

Many gun owners were surprisingly willing to give up their guns. 134 guns were turned in, and after just 45 minutes the police station ran out of gas cards. If the main motivator was gas money, an auction or a pawn shop would’ve given a much better deal for the arms.

This, along with countless gun control policies, is allegedly aimed to stop violent crime. But it’s hard to believe that criminals are willing to give up their guns, which are worth hundreds of dollars, for a $50 gas card. Ultimately this deal trades a firearm for not even a full tank a gas, especially as California gas teeters on $6.50 a gallon.

This is not a ‘buy back’

The Sacramento Police Department says this is a ‘buy back.’ However they never sold guns to begin with. Instead, this seems to bribe people into surrendering their firearms, or otherwise an attempt to make onlookers believe this is the next big thing.

Although most will “back the blue,” this is seen by the conservative community as a political ploy that will do nothing to decrease crime in a given city. Instead, this is interpreted as a bid to get law-abiding citizens to surrender their right to bear arms. Just as making ghost guns illegal is a useless ploy, this is most likely a misleading method of making members of the ‘fake-kind’ party to believe Democrats are doing what they can go reduce crime.

Workabouts and loopholes

The same groups that organized the ‘buyback’ are planning on doing it again next month. This includes $156 per firearm, no questions asked. This would be very effective if only criminals turned in their firearms, which is very unlikely.

One way individuals could turn a profit is through turning in $20 pipe shotguns, which are technically considered firearms. Delinquents may also turn in stolen firearms, which won’t be traced back to the rightful owner due to the lack of ID and purchase verification.

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