Ron Desantis Removes ‘Woke Math’ from Florida Public Schools

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It is now impossible to find a subject not impacted by toxic ideologies

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Elementary school mathbooks should be nothing more than basic right-or-wrong math at appropriate K-12 levels. So why did 54 of the 132 math books proposed to the Florida Department of Education contain critical race theory, social-emotional learning, and racial bias teachings? This material is indoctrinating and reveals an attempt to expose divisive and toxic material to students.

If FDOE would otherwise accept thse schoolbooks, it would lead to students attributing their struggles in any given subject to socio-political issues. Fortunately, Governor DeSantis brought the matter to the public’s attention in April, which confirmed his stance for parental rights. Previous FDOE negotiations with textbook publishers were usually kept private.

Sean Ryan, President of McGraw Hill’s School group, was previously optimistic about the direction of McGraw Hill’s textbook content, “Across the board, parents, teachers and administrators recognize the significant impact SEL [Social-Emotional Learning] has on academic achievement and student motivation, and we are committed to providing SEL resources that support everyone connected to the classroom.” In response to this and other criticisms, the FDOE released the reasons for rejecting aforementioned textbooks, including what it deems “problematic elements.”

It is important who you elect to the school board

Upcoming primaries and midterm elections are just as important at the local level as they are the federal level, if not more. Florida is on the right track to perserving the integrity of their education system by advocating for parental rights and encouraging parental involvement.

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