A Call to Participate in School Board Elections

Why conservatives must be engaged

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The push for critical race theory (CRT) has never been stronger; and banning CRT state-wide is not sufficient for keeping this toxic ideology away from the classroom. The main characteristic of CRT is the idea that racism is everywhere around you, including your relationships and your decisions. By stating that white people will always be racist against black people, this radical idea indoctrinates children in the classroom.

In order to loop around a statewide ban, some efforts towards an alternative ‘social-emotional learning,’ or ‘mental health,’ are taking place. Unlike these individuals forcing these radical ideas in the classroom, conservatives tend to be uninvolved in school board meetings and elections. And that has to change in order to retain the integrity of the classroom.

How to get directly involved

Accepting that CRT isn’t being taught in schools is no longer sufficient. And this is why taking matters back to the hands of the people is the number one priority of the 1776 Project Pac. The 1776 Project Pac is a leading effort in helping conservatives be a part of the school system.

Not only do they help prospecting candidates run for a position in the school board, but they have applications for endorsements in order to keep concerned parents and voters involved. Their large twitter base allows followers up to speed on their accomplishments. Among these, 15 out of 15 Texas school board candidates won their elections on Saturday.

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