Dominion’s Auto-Complete Voting Machines

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Voter fraud suspicions in New Mexico

Dominion-brand voting machines have a secret feature in their programming, an audit in New Mexico reveals. This anomaly allows machines to fill-out ballots themselves. 40% of the machines tested exhibited this capability.

Other abnormalities were shown as three major voter registration patterns. First, the final number of votes were way off from internal polls gathered by Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Second, a wave of Republicans that changed their registration status to Democrats occured within the same date and in the same pattern. And finally, “election day votes in multiple counties disappeared and then reappeared on Election Day, with 20% gains in the vote in a matter of 12 minutes.”

The results of the audit

Dominion is a well-known company known for their voting machines. It has been banned in multiple counties admist controversial abnormalities. After Dominion officials worked on the ballots in June 2021, all of the ballot images were deleted in the county.

In order to prove (or disprove) any suspicions, an audit was completed via door knocking and acquired the following results:

The Otero County Commission held a special meeting on the 2020 election audit sanctioned by the County, which found some interesting results from the canvass. Included in those results was the revelation that of the 22% of the County canvassed, 41% of those had issues, including 30% who didn’t live at the address (while 40% of those voted in the election), 4% of doors knocked were “ghost votes,” and 2% of the votes were dropped.

John Block, Piñon Post, May 10, 2022

Course of action for 2022 midterms

Otero County has announced its course of action for upcoming elections. And that is to “return to counting of paper ballots from precinct to precinct, removing ballot drop boxes, and strengthening security measures.”

These efforts will be determined successful or not, as Otero County serves as a model for other counties and states. Recent emerging voter fraud evidence indicates the integrity of our Republican Democracy is at stake. We must continue to fight to preserve it.

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