Israeli PM Naftali Bennett: ‘Iran won’t just keep its nuclear program; from today, they’ll be getting paid for it’

Let’s hope that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s warning is taken seriously. Israel and also every Western country is threatened by Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb. Iran aspires to a restored Persian Empire. The regime has been rapidly escalating its aggression as it moves toward constructing nuclear bombs. Iran also ascribes to doomsday theology, which is ignored by the mainstream media despite its significance.

The Hidden – or Twelfth – Imam plays a dominant role in one specific form of Shi’ite Islamic theology, called “Twelverism,” which happens to be the primary belief system of Iran’s leadership. There is a messianic belief that at the end of days, the Hidden Imam will appear in the midst of a violent apocalyptic scenario played out on a battleground stained with infidels’ blood.

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Also, “in the words of senior Iranian Ayatollah Mohammad Mehdi Mirbagheri: ‘In Order for the Hidden Imam to Reappear We Must Engage in Widespread Fighting with the West.’” Ayatollah Khamenei has also stated: “The return of this holy land [Israel] to the World of Islam is not a strange and unattainable matter.”

The weak Biden administration has proposed lifting sanctions on Iran in exchange for an “interim Nuclear Deal” — yet the first nuclear deal was from the beginning based on lies. Iran has already stated that the Biden administration has agreed to lift “1,040 sanctions from the Trump era.”

Israel’s prime minister is prudent to remind the international community about Iran, but the international community still does not take the warnings seriously.

It is also worth remembering that Iran heavily funds Hamas — an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood — which is active in Western countries and has become increasingly popular on Western college and university campuses.

“Bennett to world as Iran talks resume: Don’t give in to nuclear blackmail,” by Lahav Harkov,  Jerusalem Post, November 29, 2021:

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sent a sharp message to the international community to be tough on Iran as nuclear negotiations resumed in Vienna on Monday.

Iran’s goal in the talks is for the US to lift sanctions while the Islamic Republic does almost nothing in return, the prime minister said. “Iran won’t just keep its nuclear program; from today, they’ll be getting paid for it,” he warned.

World powers and Iran reconvened in Vienna on Monday after a nearly six-month break, to negotiate an Iranian and American return to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal.

The talks ended after about four hours with an agreement to start with a discussion of lifting sanctions on Tuesday, “and then other issues,” as Iran’s lead negotiator and Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani put it, avoiding explicitly mentioning negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran agreed to build on the first six rounds of talks, which took place between April and June of this year, including a nuclear working group, despite Iranian officials’ statements ahead of the talks that the negotiations would not be about their nuclear program.

EU negotiator and Political Director Enrique Mora said “there is a sense of urgency of putting the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] back in place.”

“We have taken stock of the difficult circumstances of the JCPOA,” Mora stated. “Over the recent months, the Iranian nuclear program has advanced and at the same time, the US are imposing the same sanctions.”

The negotiations took place in the Palais Coburg in Vienna, the same place in which the JCPOA was signed. The American and Iranian teams were situated in separate rooms, because the Islamic Republic’s representatives refuse to negotiate directly with the Americans.

Israel opposes the JCPOA because it insufficiently limited Iran’s uranium enrichment, and, in fact, legitimizes further enrichment after the agreement expires, which paves the way for an eventual nuclear bomb. In addition, the JCPOA did not address Iran’s other malign actions in the region.

Skepticism that Iran would be willing to return to the 2015 agreement is widespread. As such, the US is considering an interim agreement that some diplomats have called “less for less,” which would likely mean the US lifting some sanctions in exchange for Iran freezing – not rolling back – its nuclear program, which has advanced far beyond the JCPOA’s restrictions.

This is a significantly worse scenario, as far as Israeli officials are concerned, because, as Bennett said, it would mean “”Iran won’t just keep its nuclear program…they’ll be getting paid for it.”…

This article by Christine Douglass-Williams at is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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