Irony On Steroids: Hillary Laments People Not Being Held Accountable for Their Actions

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The Leftist political elites, they are not like you and me. Hillary Clinton, who is the very model of the modern Leftist politician who is above the law, falsely claimed in connection with her illegal use of a private email server while secretary of state, that she “never received nor sent any material that was marked classified.” She faced no legal consequences for that. Her team may have been involved in the Trump Russian collusion hoax, but even if it was, it is certain that Hillary will pay no penalty.

Rumors swirl around her regarding the strange fates of so many of her political foes, making her notorious for evading all the consequences of her actions; even if all the rumors are 100% false, they circulate because what we know for certain about her gives even the most fantastic story a veneer of plausibility. Hillary herself, however, displaying the audacity and imperviousness to irony that has marked her career, made it clear in an interview Tuesday that she was the one who was worried about people not being held accountable.

She is, in fact, worried about more than just that. “I do think,” she told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “that we are facing a crisis of democracy, a crisis of legitimacy, a crisis that really goes to the heart of what the future of our country and many others around the world will be.” This is, of course, more red meat for the blue rubes, as anyone who looks at our current predicament in the United States honestly will quickly realize that the “crisis of democracy” doesn’t come from the Jan. 6 non-insurrectionist “insurrectionists,” although they are likely the people Hillary had in mind. Nor does it come from Donald Trump supporters or the “white supremacists” whom the Biden administration claims are the nation’s foremost terror threat, despite never getting around to actually committing any terrorist acts.

In the real world, as opposed to the world of Hillary’s paranoid fantasies, the “crisis of democracy” that the nation faces comes from the attorney general behaving like the head of the Gestapo and sending FBI agents after parents who are angry with what is being taught in public schools. The real “crisis of democracy” comes from social media giants that ban and silence everyone who speaks about the possibility of election fraud, despite growing evidence of irregularities. The “crisis of democracy” that Hillary should be concerned about is the one that stems from the far-Left’s war on American history and determination to make Americans ashamed of their culture and heritage.

While the social media giants are increasingly moving toward silencing those who dissent from the Leftist agenda, Hillary is worried about “the role of disinformation,” by which she means news that comes to Americans without the spin that CNN and the New York Times and the Washington Post put on it, so that you end up loving Big Brother Joe Biden and his friends and allies, no matter how dire the news really is. The master propagandist complains about “the way that propaganda has been really weaponized and the increasing ability to manipulate people through algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence.”

Yeah, hey, that’s a shame, Mrs. Clinton. So would you be in favor of the repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which limits the social media giants from legal liability? Would you support these giant megalopolies being broken up so as to ensure that they fail in their increasingly obvious efforts to silence not only the former president of the United States but all Americans who do not share their Leftist perspective?

“We have got to end impunity,” Hillary declared. “We have to hold people accountable for their actions, particularly when those actions threaten our way of life, our rule of law, our future as a democracy.” Hear, hear! Presumably, this means that attempting to frame a presidential candidate for crimes he did not commit, and twice attempting to impeach him, first for exercising the duties of his office, and then for calling for a peaceful protest, is right out, eh?

On the contrary, Hillary is still busy smearing her political opponents — you know, that basket of deplorables: “In the book we wrote, ‘State of Terror,’ as you know, there is a plot against the country by people who truly want to turn the clock back. They believe that the progress we’ve made on all kinds of civil rights and human rights, the cultural changes that have taken place, are so deeply threatening that they want to stage a coup.”

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Of course! If you oppose socialism, open borders, a woke military, galloping inflation, and all the rest of the gifts Biden’s handlers have brought us, it could clearly only be because you’re a racist, right?

That was when Hillary got down to brass tacks: “Now, think about it, because that’s truly what is behind Trump and his enablers and those who invaded and attacked our Capitol. They don’t like the world we’re living in and they have that in common with, you know, autocratic leaders from Russia to Turkey to Hungary to Brazil and so many other places, who are driven by personal power and greed and corruption but who utilize fears about change to try to get people to hate one another and feel insecure and, therefore, be easily manipulated by demagogues and by disinformation.”

See? Trump and his supporters want to destroy democracy and establish a racist autocracy. Only Hillary and Old Joe and their henchmen can save us. If you believe that, I’ve got a very fine bridge to sell you, nearly new, and in perfect condition. And Hillary, true to form, won’t be held accountable for her latest mendacious, divisive, rancid meanderings, any more than she has ever been held accountable for anything else.

This article by Robert Spencer at is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Robert Spencer
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