Terrorists Raid U.S. Embassy In Yemen

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Months after Joe Biden’s administration removed them from the terror watch list, a group of Houthi rebels stormed the U.S. Embassy in Yemen. Yemeni staffers in the compound are being held hostage after the Iran-backed group invaded on Wednesday.

In a statement, the State Department told the Washington Free Beacon, “The United States has been unceasing in its diplomatic efforts to secure their release. The majority of the detained have been released, but the Houthis continue to detain additional Yemeni employees of the embassy.”

The State Department is calling for immediate release of the hostages and insisting the Houthi vacate the property and returned the property they seized.

The U.S. has not maintained a staff in the embassy since 2015. President Donald Trump’s administration designated the Houthi as terrorists, a move erased by Biden earlier this year. Biden’s disastrous Middle East policies threaten to undo four years of progress made by Trump.

Rebecca Horvath
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