US intelligence community launches review following catastrophic failures in Ukraine and Afghanistan

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This review is much needed, but it won’t find anything, because it will be conducted by the same people who are responsible for the failures. They won’t dare take note of the likelihood that the intelligence community was too concerned with enforcing its own politicization and studying Critical Race Theory to do anything useful. They certainly won’t dare take note of the fact that their willful ignorance regarding Islam and Sharia deformed the American misadventure in Afghanistan from the very beginning.

“US intelligence community launches review following Ukraine and Afghanistan intel failings,” by Katie Bo Lillis and Natasha Bertrand, CNN, May 13, 2022:

Washington (CNN)The US intelligence community is carrying out a sweeping internal review of how it assesses the fighting power of foreign militaries amid mounting pressure from key lawmakers on Capitol Hill who say officials have failed twice in one year on the two major foreign policy crises faced by the Biden administration in Ukraine and Afghanistan.

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday sent a classified letter to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Defense Department and the CIA pointing out that the agencies broadly underestimated how long the Ukrainian military would be able to fend off Russian forces and overestimated how long Afghan fighters would hold out against the Taliban last summer after the US withdrawal from the country, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. They questioned the methodology behind the intelligence community’s assessments, and the underlying assumptions behind them, the sources said….

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Robert Spencer
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