Trump Train New Braunfels Organizers Speak at Republican Convention

Trump Train New Braunfels Sparks National Enthusiasm

The excitement and support for President Donald Trump in local areas has created the wider #WeAreTheRally nationwide phenomenon. The local Trump train and car flag parade coordinators are the true heroes of this burgeoning movement. Why wait for a Trump rally to land in your town to pull out your flag and show your support for America and the President.

Steve and Randi Ceh, founders of the Trump Train New Braunfels, have been organizing their car-caravan Trump train for over a month now. They meetup every Thursday night without fail and the group has now grown into the largest Trump train in America.

Big Things Happening in Small Texas Towns

The fires of patriotism are spreading through Texas to start Trump trains: Boerne, San Marcos, Lockhart, Luling, Seguin, Victoria, Wimberley, and a number of other small Texas towns.

Their Patriotism Caught the Attention of Trey Gowdy

Last night, while US Representative Trey Gowdy, US Representative Chip Roy, and Texas Senator Donna Campbell held a 2020 Republican Party Fundraiser in New Braunfels, Texas, hundreds gathered in the town square to rally for President Donald Trump and our nation. Many gathered on foot and more than 100 vehicles streamed into the public square.

Steve and Randi Ceh, founders of the Trump Train New Braunfels, were invited to attend the convention and speak to the audience. 

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