Trump Trains Everywhere!

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This week, leaders from seven different Trump Train movements met to coordinate schedules and bring unity to the Trump Train movement happening in Central Texas.

By now, you have surely seen or heard the news that a grassroots movement of patriots driving with flags on their vehicles has become a nationwide phenomenon. 

Patriots with flags and signs jump in their cars and head out to show that our freedoms are never set aside, even during a crisis or pandemic.

Laredo, Texas saw between 4000 and 7000 vehicles in their flag parade last weekend.

Even small towns like New Braunfels, Boerne and Wimberley have hundreds of vehicles showing up to the rallies on a weekly basis.

In towns and cities large and small, the Trump Train movement has exploded onto the national stage.

All of the the events below have Facebook pages and events. 

Join the movement. We welcome all patriots.

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9/19 Saturday 10am – 1 pm

Bexar County Republican Office

12000 Starcrest 

Every Saturday until election 


10/3 Saturday 

Trump Train 10am- 1pm

10/3 Flag Rally at Adkins, Texas 

Texas Pride Barb B Que 

Johnny Rodriguez Concert 

5:30 Meetup on 87E 

10/12 Alamo City Trump Train 

1604/IH10 Park and Ride 

2:00 pm 



New Braunfels Trump Train 


Prayer Service 

Landa Park Pavillion 

6:30 pm Every Wednesday 

New Braunfels Trump Train Rally 

Rocking R Rides 

1405 Gruene Rd., Gruene Texas 

6:30 pm Every Thursday 

New Braunfels Trump Train SPECIAL EVENT

September 26th


Billboard Ribbon Cutting 




Boerne Trump Train

Main Drag 

October 3rd

10:30-11:30 am 



Victoria Trump Train 

September 26th 

1:30 pm

Tammy Coiteux
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