Bexar Patriots Rally, Support The Constitution And Personal Freedoms

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Chants of “USA! USA!” from the sidewalk rose above the din caused by drivers and passengers in vehicles slowing down along Starcrest Drive in San Antonio, Texas. whooping, hollering and honking their support at a recent Bexar Patriots rally.

The weekend rallies in front of the Republican Party of Bexar County headquarters attract people from across the county, representing all backgrounds. Calling themselves Bexar Patriots, they raise signs, wave flags and shout support for President Trump, San Antonio police, veterans, and the American way of life.

“I am here to support our great President Trump and to say thank you for everything he has sacrificed for us,” said Chantel Guzman-Pena, whose family was originally from Cuba.

Guzman-Pena’s father, Angel Guzman, came to this country with his father when he was 13 years old. She said her father and grandfather escaped the Castro regime by boat in the middle of the night. She feels it was a lifesaving move for them and her entire family.

The issues important to her include pro-life, freedom of religion, and equal opportunity for women.

“I’ve always believed women are equal,” she said, adding that she has always been treated equally in all her positions. “I do not believe in socialism. I believe in working hard for what you want. What other country is going to give us the opportunity?”

“I am a citizen taking action,” said Kevin Shrader, who organizes the rallies. “I couldn’t let this election pass without getting involved.”

Shrader said his concern with social media censoring conservative narratives and the violence on the streets in Democrat-run cities motivated him to get involved.

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“These rallies demonstrate to people that they can safely participate in politically conservative activities,” Shrader said. “This is for the character of our nation – what we represent.

Support for Trump

“I support Trump because he is fighting to keep our Constitutional rights, to have our Second Amendment, to have our free speech,” said Heather Cripe, “and he loves America. He is for the American people. He’s a true patriot. He’s not a politician and that’s why we voted him in.”

Previous Bexar Patriots rallies were joined by candidates including County Constable Mark Vojvodich, who is running for reelection in Precinct 3, and Adam Salyer, who is running for State Representative, District 118.

A truck rally, also known as a Trump Train, followed. Trump Trains are grassroots movements. Patriots drive in long processions with flags and signs on their vehicles. These trains have become a nationwide phenomenon and are immensely popular across Central Texas and throughout the state.

Bexar Patriots are planning another MAGA rally Oct. 10. Chip Roy, Republican candidate for U. S. Representative, District 21, Texas, will be speaking.

Tammy Coiteux
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