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We all know the phrase, “sleeping with the enemy,” but what about “living next to the enemy?” How does one navigate? Jesus preached that we should love our neighbors. I appreciate and admire that idea very much. It is the chosen way I strive to live. Yet, what happens when neighbors want to burn down America, the country you love so much? They’re aggressive, call
me slanderous words like, racist, dumb, Nazi, and a bad mother. Evil, untrue words meant to deliberately hurt. Going through this negative discourse made me think how many other people are experiencing this level of torment and harassment for loving the President or having
different views.

Most recently, after the first debate, these Blantifa neighbors walked by my home while making an ignorant racial slur to one of the three black men at my debate watch party, who was standing outside next to me. She walked by saying, “Oh, there is a black man there!” I made sure to correct her by saying, “You missed the other two friends inside.” How ignorant can one person be? About five minutes later, she and her boyfriend came back to antagonize me and my guests by leaving their guests at their party. They walked up to my guests, who were peacefully enjoying the evening, minding their own business. They came outside my home, to
my party, to do their best to insult the man’s intelligence, insinuating that he doesn’t know he is hanging out with a racist.

Intolerance Reigns

The level ignorance is deafening. My friends were not having it, as they pursued creating a disturbance to the entire community. The entire time, I told my friends to not engage, that attorneys are involved and that we can all agree they are coming over to us, not the other way around. Then I walked inside. Never have I gone over to the front of their home when they had guests to harass by trying to debate, argue, and insult. Never, not once.

Soon after, my friend, who was born in Honduras, came running inside crying. That is when I told everyone that the party was over. My friend loves this country so much and their hate for the country fills her heart with so much hurt from their ignorance and she burst into tears. This is the
same friend who stood up for me when I was called a racist by these people two weeks prior.

All this hatred towards me specifically is because I love my country and the President. It’s almost worse than sleeping with the enemy, right? Maybe even more dangerous because there is no loyalty or love. There is no way to know their mood. You would think we should be able to live peacefully and respect each other’s beliefs, like we always have. They know I voted for Trump in 2016. Yet, once the new boyfriend moved in, all peace was shot.

We first met at a Fourth of July party and he started to yell at me because I was insulted they had a President Trump pinata. Soon after he moved in, he started to enlist others to conspire against me. Since we live close in
connecting bungalows, it seems even more alarming and can make someone on edge to know how evil someone’s motives can be against you.

First Amendment Rights

About two months ago, the landlord requested that all flags be removed. My Trump 2020 flag, American flag, and the Back the Blue flags all came inside immediately; I know my First Amendment rights were violated, but I made sure to comply for legal purposes. The landlord cited the fact he just repainted the property. As the election nears, people like to use flags as a way to express themselves. These Blantifa neighbors never flinched to remove their BLM flag or their Pro-American, anti-Trump flags, which is the biggest oxymoron of the century. President Trump is the American Dream. I capitulated to everything the landlord has ever requested of me since I do my best to live peacefully. The neighbors have not removed their flags and now has been almost two weeks since the request.

The thing is, I encourage free speech. My email to the management ensured that I thought it’s fine to express free speech, just not sure why there isn’t pressure for all the neighbors to remove their flags. What happens when that problematic neighbor is a part of an organization called Affinity Arts
Consulting (AAC)
which uses theatre to advocate for social equity and justice, encourage civil discourse, and energize the development of community and organizational leadership? In a world that is in constant change, AAC creates “healthy” pathways to examine, dissect, and engage
issues that impact the community. These people are paid agitators who couldn’t make it in Hollywood, using washed-up hack jobs creating hit pieces to help satisfy their ego. Makes me wonder where this organization money derives from. Soros perhaps?

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Happy Endings Are Possible

In a strange, miraculous turn of events, while completing this article, it became Christmas morning on October 5th. News that has made my ears ring and heart skip a beat, as a wish of mine has come true. These Blantifa neighbors are moving today! Perhaps peace will be restored in my community and life for me will return to happier days without directed harassment, hatred, jealousy, and spite, mostly because I love our President and our American freedoms. Both of these neighbors are second-generation ungrateful Americans without a clue about oppression or lack of freedoms, ironically. God bless them and good riddance.

Left logic, feelings over facts. Then distract and use unamerican antagonizers to create false flags to disrupt our country by creating drama to manipulate our country into stealing more of our freedoms. These are the type of puppets – along with the mainstream media – that are being
used by the deep state to do their bidding, promoting the globalist propaganda agenda. Remember Obama’s Smith Mundt Act? The U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, popularly called the Smith–Mundt Act, is the basic legislative authorization for
propaganda activities conducted by the U.S. Department of State, sometimes called “public diplomacy.” There it is in black and white yet calling the news “fake news” is a conspiracy? More like the sheep are the complicit theorists.

The lack of intelligence and the warp speed by the sheeple to capitulate to Big Brother is astounding. Big Brother is referring to the state governors, not the President. The President, for the past three years, has been fixing and reversing what these deep state puppets have been doing to destroy our country from within. The Governors of liberal states, such as California, which have closed down, are ruining lives. The extermination of small businesses do more harm than good. Why is the middle class so important to break down by the deep state globalists? The middle class makes money, and money is powerful. You don’t need the government. So they
want to bankrupt the middle class and take away their power. Eliminate the middle class and boom: they now have the control of America.

We The People

America, please see that the mainstream media is not your friend. They have been using their power of reach, and control the minds with distraction of race baiting while the deep state steals our country. There is a socioeconomic indifference with the ruling class. Any American with persistence and hard work can become or do what they want, regardless of their skin color. The deep state infiltrates from within, not invades, nor will this revolutionary great awakening be televised. We will not let socialism happen in America! We the people are awake. WWG1WGA.

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