California: Watch Out for Voter Fraud!

How to Ensure Your Vote is Counted, and Counted Correctly

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We The People Vote In Person! Today is National Voter Registration Day, Make Your Voice Be Heard!

Dear California Voters, To ensure that your vote is counted and counted correctly, please take this challenge or call to action, if you will. Go to this website if you live in California and re-register to vote. Follow these easy steps to double-check that your status is correct. Patriots: Go in person to vote! It is our duty! Exceptions can be made those living out of the country, which will result in using Absentee ballots. Yet, if you are currently living in this country, go in person to vote!

Be Sure to Re-Register Beforehand!

But before you go to vote, go to SOS.CA.GOV to re-register.

If you go without checking prior to voting, the system may have tripped your status to a mail-in vote. If that has happened, the registrar will give you a provisional ballot the day you go to vote and that vote may take weeks to count. So, even if you checked or registered recently, double-check to confirm your status. We are in a war that is not being televised, and it is up to us to be aware of voter fraud and to stop it dead in its tracks! Do not make it easy for them!

Once you are on the website, click on the Elections tab, then click on Voter Status. At the bottom, fill out the section labeled Personal Information. You will see that your preference to vote is Mail-in! Scroll down to the hyperlink “Re-Register to Vote.” Fill out all the information.

When selecting the Yes/No options for Vote by Mail, including receiving voting information guide by mail, be sure they are all checked “NO”. When you get to the end, you will be given the option to print a receipt. This is your Affidavit with a specific Affidavit number. Save it in a safe place.

We Want to Ensure All Votes Count!

We want to ensure that all our votes count. If you do not live in California, I ask you to check your status and follow these easy steps if your status was changed. Why is it bad to mail your vote in? Please do not take my word for it! Only use opinions as pieces to the puzzle. Be discerning about what you hear, don’t just take something someone says as fact just because they have a platform.

You should, at this very moment, stop taking anyone’s word as fact. Be the hero in your own life by doing independent research and using critical thinking. Start watching independent journalists or eye witness accounts. Start watching White House pressers, news conferences, interviews, everything, and anything not mainstream. This is where you find the real news. Watch what reporters report on, not what they “think” about it.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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To see the corruption for yourself, please make sure you watch the video here. You will be shocked to see the devious voter fraud right in front of your eyes.

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